Oct 14

The One Where I Don’t Actually Have a Good Answer #Blogtober14

Today’s post is supposed to be about one beauty product I can’t live without. This is problematic, as I’m the type of girl who remembers to wash her face before bed only about 35% of the time. I know this is terrible and I’m apparently adding wrinkles to my face and killing my eyelashes, but dude. I get so tired. And if the makeup hasn’t been removed by 8:30 PM, there’s a big chance that I’m going to be too tired to wash my face. Hell, I’ll be too tired to get up off the couch and go to bed. Chris will try to make me get up, but it won’t happen. I’ve spent many a night on the couch with the dog because I was too tired to go to bed.

Another thing about me–I have no product loyalty when it comes to makeup. I generally feel like I’m wasting money on stupid things by buying makeup, and then I feel bad because I’m extremely self-conscious when I leave the house without wearing these things. So, my daily routine is basically wash face, put on powder, blush, eyeliner and mascara, and go. That’s about it.

I’m pretty proud to say that it takes me about 1 solid hour to shower, get dressed, do hair and makeup, make coffee and my lunch for the day. Chris tells me this is a lot of time. I think he needs to meet the women I know who spend two hours just on their hair alone–blowing it out, straightening, and then curling the ends.

So, I don’t actually have a good answer about my favorite beauty product. Some days it’s the $0.99 Rimmel eyeliner. Other days, it’s the makeup remover (spoilers: I just use baby oil). Occasionally it’s lipsticks or gloss, but since it’s been causing a mold issue in the lid of my Nalgene, I’m totally rethinking my obsession with it.

Instead, I guess I’ll just open up the floor. What’s your favorite beauty product? If it’s a nightly mud mask, can you please post a picture of yourself wearing it? Thanks in advance!

The Daily Tay

Marisa Mohi

Oct 14

Favorite Instagram Editing Apps #Blogtober14

I have a small Instagram problem, kind of in the way that smokers have a small nicotine problem. Which is to say that I’m addicted. I love Instagram. It’s probably my favorite social medium/microblogging platform. There may be days when I don’t post, but trust me. I’m totally creeping up on you guys.

I’m by no means a photographer, though I do try. But Instagram makes my pictures look really good. And it makes me look tan with the right filter. Lately I’ve gotten into some other apps that really compliment Instagram. They are listed below!


I like PicLab because it allows you to add text to images, and it gives you a whole lot of new filters not contained in the Instagram app.



If I want to steal your images and give you full credit, I use Repost. It’s easy, and it looks better than just taking screen captures of an Instagram and posting it.


Latergramme is great because it lets you stockpile a bunch of photos. You can set the specific times you’d like to post them, and the captions that you want, and then when it’s time, it transfers them over to Instagram. It’s pretty sweet.

And that’s all I have for you as far as my favorite Instagram editing apps are concerned. Now, this post would be a lot longer if it were about job hunting apps.

The Daily Tay

Marisa Mohi