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Hi! I’m Marisa.

I’m a writer, creative coach, and tarot reader. I left my super-stable-with-benefits-and-an-actual-pension job in December 2019, and I haven’t looked back since.

(You can do the same too, you know.)

I help creatives learn the skills and processes they need to go full time with their art. If you like refilling the well, saving your creative energy for what counts, time management tips that change the game, and learning to build the platform that allows you to sell your art on autopilot, you’re in the right place.

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After teaching at a university for 5 years, I learned a thing or two about engaging a crowd. 

From blogging conferences to literary festivals to networking events — I’ve done it all. And I bet I have just the talk for your creative crowd.

Whether your looking for someone to share about building an intentional online platform, or someone who can show you exactly how to post more content by doing less work, I’ve got your back.

Marisa Mohi

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I'm a IX of Pentacles Woman

A woman's lap holding a notebook with tarot cards spread out beneath her knee.

Like a lot of writers, I have one of those English degrees that made me study symbols and archetypes. And that’s the story of how reading Chaucer and Lacan turned me into a tarot reader.

I love using the cards to outline stories or to get a little clarity about the stuff going on in my life.

Oh, and I offer tarot readings, if you want to see what the cards have to say…

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