When I do tarot readings for strangers, I typically get asked a ton of questions about money. And while I think those questions are fine, reframing money questions to focus on what we really want (you know, the reason we want money) can get us better answers. That’s why I’m all about abundance tarot.

a deck of tarot cards face down surrounded by peacock feathers and the text "Abundance Tarot: You Want to Pull This Card"

Everyone’s abundance meaning is different. To me, it means having everything you need or feeling comfortable. To others, it may mean having a car that cost six figures and a life that makes people jealous on Instagram.

We all bring our own ideas when it comes reading tarot, and I talk about that a little in this post about how does tarot work. Your tarot cards are your own, so if you read this and it doesn’t feel right with your personal tarot experience, then that’s totally cool.

Abundance Tarot

There is no set abundance tarot meaning, and that’s mostly because abundance means different things to different people. Tarot cards have different meanings to different people.

To me, the suit in tarot that best represents abundance is the pentacles. Sure, a lot of people think of them as representing money, but I think of them as creature comforts and how we feel about those creature comforts.

The pentacles are about which creature comforts we value and how we feel about them. The suit is about abundance and scarcity. It’s about how we feel when we think about money. And most importantly, each pentacle card is a little reminder about biases and trauma we have around different aspects of being a human who exists under capitalism on this earthly plane.

So, maybe the pentacles are about money. But they’re about a lot more than that.

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And when some people think about abundance tarot, they really just want to know if they’re going to be filthy stinking rich someday. No one, and no tarot card deck can answer that.

But cards can help us think about how we feel regarding those questions. And one of my favorite tarot cards to pull is the one I refer to as the abundance card.

The Abundance Card

The Nine of Pentacles is my favorite tarot card. I mentioned it in this post about what is the best tarot card to draw. I also have a print of the Nine of Pentacles from the Everyday Witch tarot deck on my office wall.

My favorite thing about this card is that, depending on the deck, it can be a very attainable thing. Remember, abundance is what we define it to be. And while Pamela Coleman Smith drew abundance as a woman in a fantastic yellow dress in a vineyard with some sort of bird, it doesn’t have to be that way for us now.

The Nine of Pentacles in the Everyday Witch deck is a woman sitting on a patio, under the shade of a tree, reading a book. Because abundance can be time to yourself or enjoying the time you’ve carved out to do something as simple as reading.

framed print of the Nine of Pentacles from the Everyday Witch tarot deck

This is always something I keep in mind. It can be easy to turn to Instagram for images of abundance. We can think about fancy cars or big houses or expensive clothes. And mostly, that’s what’s marketed to us as signs of wealth and plenty.

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But in real life, when you really think about it, do you want expensive things more than you want free time? Do you want a huge car payment that would mean you have to work more instead of enjoy your time?

For me, free time will always be the ultimate symbol of luxury. I know it’s a simple idea, but it’s the kind of thing we take for granted, or spend unintentionally. It’s not uncommon to lose free time to scrolling through your phone or binge watching Netflix. And sure, both of those things are okay every once in a while.

But the intentional spending of time in a way that relaxes you is important. And having that time, to me, is the ultimate symbol of abundance.

The Abundance Tarot Card Reversed

Not all tarot readers read reversals. And sometimes I do, but sometimes I don’t. The rest of the tarot spread really informs what the card means to me.

But a Nine of Pentacles reversed is generally a reminder to recalibrate our definition of abundance.

A reversed Nine of Pentacles screams hustle culture to me. And while I fully acknowledge that sometimes you have to be about your hustle to survive, I want to make a distinction here.

Hustle culture is about living for the hustle and only caring about getting ahead or making more money. There is never time to take a deep breath and relax. Any free time you gain by your hard work is filled with more work in service of getting further and further ahead.

There are no quiet moments of reading. There is no enjoying yourself.

True abundance isn’t something that needs to be fed like that. It doesn’t keep taking because abundance is a feeling of security.

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So if you pull a Nine of Pentacles reversed, it may be time to look at how you’re working. Are you enjoying the space you’ve created in your life, or are you filling it with more work? Do you scramble to get ahead and consistently feel like you haven’t done enough?

This card is a reminder to take a step back and to take stock. Many things are true at once, and even though you probably haven’t achieved everything you want to achieve, you can always take a moment to celebrate how far you’ve come.

Celebrations Are Mandatory

The Nine of Pentacles is a reminder that we need to make space for celebration. Whether you plan parties with loved ones to celebrate milestones, or simply take yourself out for a little treat, celebrations are important.

Abundance is what we believe it to be, and you will never truly feel it if you don’t give yourself some time to celebrate it.

This will look different for everyone. Maybe you go out to a fancy dinner. Or maybe you cozy up with a book and read as a way to enjoy the time you’ve carved out for yourself.

In any case, abundance is meant to be enjoyed. So make sure you’re celebrating the hard work you’ve done to get where you are.

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  1. Agreed Marisa..when I think of abundance, I have never ever thought it was about money for me, but about my peace and balance. I just took a 6 week leave from my job just to reset, recreate, refresh and revive ME. And that is abundance to me. So I thank you for explaining and confirming this for me.

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