One Year in a Sort of Bullet Journal

A thick Moleskine notebook with monthly tabs held up in front of a book case with the text "One Year in a Sort of Bullet Journal"

What’s a type-A planner girl to do when she needs to fix her brain so she can write again but can’t handle the rigid structure of an actual plan? Well, that’s when a type-A planner girl has to get creative. And that’s why I just spent one year in a sort of bullet journal. For […]

What’s the Best Tarot Book?

A hand with large rings holding up a tarot card with a white burning candle in the foreground and the text "What's the best tarot book"

One thing that really helped me learn more about tarot was reading about the cards. I always say the best tarot book is the book that helps you learn. So I created this post to help tarot readers at different stages of their journey learn more about the cards. NOTE:¬†This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate […]

To Become a Better Writer, You Must Read (and Consume a Fuckton of Media)

A crowded bookstore with loaded table displays and shelves in the background with the text "To Become a Better Writer, You Must Read (and consume a fuckton of media)"

It’s no secret that to become a better writer, you must read. And the rest of this post will argue that reading isn’t the only thing you gotta do to become a better writer. That’s right, kiddies! ::wheels in a TV on a rickety cart like a substitute teacher:: WE’RE WATCHING MOVIES TOO! But that’s […]

Believable Characters and How to Write Them

a dimly lit stack of books on a windowsill, with a blurry look out the window in the background with the text "Believable Characters and How to Write Them"

Writing believable characters is always a writer’s goal. But as the characters shift and change through the drafting process, it can be hard to know if you’ve done it right. The first draft is always full of good intentions. But by the end, everything has shifted from an idea shape into a story shape. And […]

Try Intentional Journaling to Clear Your Head

An open notebook on a table with a pen across it with a cable-knit throw over a chair behind it and the text "Try Intentional Journaling to Clear Your Head"

When I’m feeling stuck or like I can’t push past an obstacle, intentional journaling helps me get my life back on track. And the best part? You can integrate this process into whatever sort of journaling works for you. Now, it’s no secret that I’m a feral notebook hoarder and at any given time, I […]

What Romance Trope Are You?

a book, open on a dark grain wood table with teal, purple, and pink origami hearts spread across it with the text "What Romance Trope Are You?"

Come one, come all, readers! Let’s chat about tropes and which tropes we love. Specifically, let’s get down and dirty about what romance trope are you, and why you are so absolutely in love with that kind of story. All stories use tropes and archetypes, and each genre has specific tropes that readers know and […]