How to Make a Tarot Spread for Two Choices

Sometimes you’ve got to make a decision, and the answer isn’t readily apparent. A tarot spread for two choices can help you see all the aspects of the choice you need to consider. Now, I’m not saying you should leave all your big life decisions up to the tarot. You should definitely think things through […]

The Every Damn Day List for Writers (and Why Writers Need One!)

an open bullet journal with blue highlights and the text "The Every Damn Day List for Writers (and Why Writers Need One!)"

You aren’t going to be productive every single day. And as a writer, you know there are days when you simply can’t write. That’s why you need an every damn day list for writers. Look. Some days I wake up and feel ready to tackle the world. Other days I wake up and I need […]

Bookshelf Goals: Redefining Abundance in a #Bookstagram World

two floating bookshelves with books and a plant and the text "Bookshelf Goals: Redefining Abundance in a #Bookstagram World"

You don’t have to scroll far on Instagram to see perfectly curated shelves of hardbacks with all the latest bestsellers. But do you ever feel like the bookshelf goals you see online are like Gatsby’s unread books? Remember the owl-eyed man in Gatsby’s library who discovered that the pages of Gatsby’s books were uncut? The […]

Preptober Must: Setting Up a Writer’s Notebook

a pile of notebooks by a Macbook with the text "Preptober Must: Setting Up a Writer's Notebook"

NaNoWriMo is just around a couple of corners, which means Preptober is just around the corner, which means it’s Plantember, the month where we plan what we’ll prep. So I thought it was a good time to talk about setting up a writer’s notebook. NaNoWriMo is always a flash in the pan to me. November […]

Dear Creative Self: A Letter on Burn Out

sunflowers growing toward the sun against a blue sky with the text "Dear Creative Self: A Letter on Burn Out"

Dear creative self, It’s okay that you’re tired. Or burnt out. Or however you feel. It’s been a weird couple of years, and we haven’t been really good at taking care of ourselves under normal circumstances. Sure, you were warned, but warnings mean nothing if you have no previous data to interpret along with them. […]