How to Write a Paranormal Romance Series

dried lavender and two spell jars with the text "How to Write a Paranormal Romance Series"

Recently, I began writing a paranormal romance series. That’s when the question of how to do so became incredibly pertinent to me, and I thought I’d share how I approached it. Am I an expert on paranormal romance? Not even close. Have I read enough paranormal romances that if we stacked the books up on […]

Writer’s Notebook Ideas: Collections to Keep Your Novels on Track

a cup of tea, flower petals and a blank notebook with the text "Writer's Notebook Ideas: Collections to Keep Your Novels on Track"

When you’re writing a book, it can take everything you have to stay on track. And these writer’s notebook ideas are great for being organized, getting clear on the plot, and staying on top of the edits you’ll be making. Firstly, start with this post about what is a writer’s notebook if you’re unfamiliar with […]

How to Dress Like a Writer

a woman in a sweater and glasses leaning over a notebook with the text "How to Dress Like a Writer"

Writers are the force behind the books, which means that not many people see them. But writers still gotta wear clothes, which means learning how to dress like a writer can help you dress for the job you want. There is no set rules for putting together an artist outfit, but writers need to dress […]

An Art Journal Starter Kit for Not So Visual Artists

paints, paint brushes, and abstract painting with the text "An Art Journal Starter Kit for Not So Visual Artists"

There is no joy quite like the joy of playing with art supplies. That’s why you should create your own art journal starter kit, even if you don’t consider yourself to be an artist. Playing with art supplies is the fun you deserve. NOTE:¬†This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a means for sites […]

An Ode to the Things I Love but Never Buy for Myself

a pile of brown cardboard boxes tied with multi-colored ribbons with the text "An Ode to the Things I Love but Never Buy for Myself"

There’s a fine line between buying stuff for the sake of consumerism and buying stuff because you deserve nice things. I’m not always aware of where the line is. There are a lot of things I love but never buy for myself, and this post is an ode to their splendor. This post isn’t about […]