Easy Tarot Interpretation for Beginners

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Every tarot reader is different, and so is every tarot deck. So isn’t it weird that people want to assume there are set tarot card meanings? When it comes to tarot interpretation, there’s room for nuance and the intuition of the tarot reader. I’m of the mind that everyone can read tarot cards. You have […]

How to Create a Healthy Writing Daily Routine

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The internet is full of writing advice, and so is this here blog. But the thing with writing advice is that most of it isn’t very good. Every writer is different, so when it comes to creating a healthy writing daily routine, you have to think about what you need and not what others are […]

What Stories Are Mine to Tell?

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Writers aren’t great people. I mean, look at the personal lives of the greats and you will come to the conclusion that all writers are bastards. And while a large portion of us are irredeemable, I still believe in doing the right thing. That’s why I’m writing this post on what stories are mine to […]

The Best Way to Recover from Burnout

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It’s a longstanding joke on this blog that I’m always in a state of burnout. Or, at least, I have been since sophomore year of high school. But it wasn’t until about a year ago that I finally decided to do something about it. That’s why I’m sharing the best way to recover from burnout. […]

Building Boundaries As an Adult Saved My Writing

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Over the past year and a half or so, I’ve been focused on building boundaries as an adult. This has not only given me more time to work on my writing, but it has saved my mental health. This blog has been around for a while now, and even longer when you think about all […]

How to Get Creativity Back

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You used to feel like an artist, but life happened and now you want to know how to get creativity back. Well. You’re in luck because you never lost it. I believe everyone is creative. But a lot of people choose not to use their creativity or they aren’t in a place where they have […]