Need Inspiration? Check Out These Writing Blogs

a laptop and breakfast tray on a bed with the text "Need Inspiration? Check Out These Writing Blogs"

As a blogger, I appreciate a good blog. And as a writer, I really love all the amazing writing blogs out there. If you are also an internet creeper who would prefer to quietly find information with zero human interaction, this list of writing blogs is for you. It seems like these days, all the […]

There Is No Reset Button In Life (But There Kind Of Is…)

And hand holding a pen over a blank notebook with the text "There Is No Reset Button In Life (But There Kind Of Is...)"

Sometimes you just want to start over, but there is no reset button in life. At least, not a mechanical one you can hit when you want to make a big change. But as you well know, I’m all about second chances and fresh starts and blank pages. There are very few things you can […]

She Has Read Too Many Books: A Memoir

a woman holding a book in front of her face with the text "She Has Read Too Many Books: A Memoir"

She has read too many books, I think to myself as I gaze into the mirror. I can tell, because even though she’s present in the physical sense, she’s miles away, in a story that she vaguely remembers reading twenty years ago. I mean, is there a better way to dissociate? I think not. As […]

Why I Read and Write Romance

Books lined up on a shelf with two stuffed hearts in front of them with the text "Why I Read and Write Romance"

I know the stigma associated with the genre. But I read and write romance. You know, the one genre that depicts stories that a vast majority of people actually experience… Okay. I’m not saying everyone meets “the one.” (And for the record, I don’t believe in “the one,” but I do believe in good timing.) […]

The Problem With “It’s Never Too Late” Sayings

a rocky, gray, blurry background with a dying sunflower in the fore with the text "The Problem With It's Never Too Late Sayings"

I am a fan of fresh starts and second chances. You get as many of those in life as you want. But we need to talk about the problem with “it’s never too late” sayings and how maybe they’re stopping you from doing what you’re meant to do. Do I believe it’s never too late […]

How I Use My Traveler’s Notebook

a hand holding a traveler's notebook in front of a bookshelf with the test "how I use my traveler's notebook"

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of a good traveler’s notebook. I’ve been using them for a while now. So I thought I’d share how I use my traveler’s notebook now, after having one for the past 7 or so years. I have a pretty lengthy post about my first traveler’s notebook that really […]