How to Believe in Your Writing When You’ve Lived Your Life in Books

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Writers live inside their heads most of the time. They spend lifetimes in the stories of others and resent the time they have to spend focused on the basic tasks of being a human. That’s why learning how to believe in your writing can be so hard–your human experience comes from others and not necessarily […]

13 Ways to Live Like an Artist

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Why do we tend to feel like an inspired, creative life is so out of reach? It’s because choosing to live like an artist can often look like the opposite of the way most people live. And this tends to be why most artists feel like outsiders and normies feel like artists are weirdos. Your […]

Finding Creative Ease Through Play

A Scrabble board sits on a wooden table with the words pictures, Pixabay, great, and images laid out on it. In the foreground is a tray containing the letters M, I, F, E, W, N, E. The image has the text "Finding Creative Ease Through Play."

Ideas and inspiration don’t come out of nowhere. There’s a lot of work that goes into feeling original or inventive. Luckily, a lot of that work is actually play. Finding a sense of creative ease in your day-to-day life can help you feel more inspired and productive. Let’s talk about how you can play around […]

Keep Your Writing Time Sacred

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Generally speaking, this blog is a place for the profane and unholy. Not like, in an intentional way. I’m just a secular girl who was raised in a secular home and now leads a perfectly secular life. Even so, your writing time is sacred, and you should keep it that way. I don’t know a […]

How to Create Tarot Spreads from Scratch

Cards from the Smith Rider Waite tarot deck fanned out on a table with the text "How to Create Tarot Spreads from Scratch"

Learning how to create tarot spreads from scratch is one of the most fun parts of tarot reading. The creation process will help you understand the interaction between card meanings and you’ll start thinking about the questions you ask more deeply. I do at least one tarot spread a week, and two tarot spreads for […]

The Novel Writing Routine for Schedule Haters and Space Cadets

A teal typewriter with pink paper sits on a desk in the foreground. Pieces of art hang on the wall in the background. The image has the text "The Novel Writing Routine for Schedule Haters and Space Cadets."

For years I tried to build a novel writing routine, but couldn’t make myself stick to it. Not even a little bit. That’s when I realized I was being too strict with the definition of routine, and I needed to embrace my inner space cadet. Most novel writing tips focus on consistency. This post will […]