How to Create Your Own Book Bucket List Challenge

an open book next to a cup of tea with lemon and the text "How to Create Your Own Book Bucket List Challenge"

If you’re a reader, you probably have no trouble finding books to put on your TBR. But if you’d like to add a little intentionality to your TBR, you should create your own book bucket list challenge. “But Marisa,” I hear you say, “I already have a ton of books I need to read. I […]

What You Learn from Writing a Book Journal

a red mug sitting next to an open journal with a page filled by hand with blue ink and the text "What You Learn from Writing a Book Journal"

If you’ve ever thought about tracking your reading habits, you’ve probably considered writing a book journal where you track all the books you’ve read. A book journal is easy to set up and helps you learn more about yourself as a reader. Yes, there are super pretty book journals all over Instagram, and yeah. You’re […]

13 Couples Art Activities That Are Better Than a Dinner Date

an open sketchbook with pencil drawings of faces and the text "13 Couples Art Activities That Are Better Than a Dinner Date"

There’s nothing wrong with a dinner date. In fact, I really enjoy a nice trip to a restaurant where I eat food that someone else cooked on dishes that someone else will wash. But these couples art activities are great for when you want to try something new. Full disclosure: My husband and I aren’t […]

How I Used My Ideas Become Things Notebook

a pile of multicolored notebooks with images of the ideas become things notebook and the Ex Libris short story collection super imposed on top with the text "How I Used My Ideas Become Things Notebook"

One year, for Christmas, I received the ideas become things notebook. It was a great gift, and I’ve made good use of it. With such a momentous message on the cover, it’s easy to see why some people would be intimidated to use it. So, with that in mind, I thought I’d share what’s in […]

How to Stay Motivated While Writing a Book

hands resting on the keyboard of a macbook with the text "How to Stay Motivated While Writing a Book"

If you’ve ever started writing a book, you’ve probably wondered how to stay motivated while writing a book. There is no one method that works for all writers, but I have some ideas. The motivation to finish reading a book is sometimes hard enough to find. But when it comes to writing? Jeez. Before we […]

How to Find Speaking Gigs

a woman on a dimly lit stage standing behind a podium with a microphone and the text "How to Find Speaking Gigs"

I truly enjoy public speaking. Yeah, that may make me a monster, but I know there are other monsters out there as well. If you want to expand your audience and build your platform, knowing how to find speaking gigs is a great way to do that. Now, before we get too far into it, […]