Books for Witches

a leatherbound book with a wooden wand and the text "Books for Witches"

Feeling a little magical lately? Wanna light a candle, stir a cinnamon stick in your tea three times clockwise and settle in with a good book? Then you need to check out these books for witches. And the best part? I’ve got both fiction and nonfiction for you. NOTE:¬†This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links […]

How to Write 10,000 Words a Day

a pile of books and a typewriter with the text "How to Write 10,000 Words a Day"

In my heyday, I cranked out 10,000 words a day regularly. I didn’t want to, but my job required it of me. It mostly sucked, but I learned what I needed to do to make it happen regularly. Every writer is different, so the things that make it easy for me to write 10,000 words […]

Affirmations for Perfectionism

A mug on a table in front of a foggy forest with the text "Affirmations for Perfectionism"

Are you tired of feeling like you can’t start projects because you know they won’t turn out perfect? You can keep holding yourself back, or you could learn some affirmations for perfectionism and decide to enjoy the process. Perfectionism always rears its ugly head when it comes to creative pursuits. There are a lot of […]

Staying Inspired With My Ideas Journal

a pile of notebooks in front of a coffee mug and a succulent with the text "Staying Inspired With My Ideas Journal"

Inspiration ain’t so easy to find these days. As the pandemic extends into infinity, I’ve found myself turning to my ideas journal to keep my head above water creatively. Now, I’m not saying my ideas journals is going to save the day. In fact, it’s going to be a Band-aid at best. In dark times, […]

Tips for Organizing a Writer’s Notebook

a wooden panel background with a beat up Moleskine on it with the text "Tips for Organizing a Writer's Notebook"

When it comes to organizing a writer’s notebook, it’s important to organize it in a way that works for you. So even though all the bullet journal Pinterest boards are full of great ideas, none of them are worth it if they don’t work for you. Every writer is different, and every writer needs something […]

Simple Ways to Live a Creative Life

a woman holding a colored pencil over a sheet of paper with the text "Simple Ways to Live a Creative Life"

Everyone likes to think they’re creative, but what does it really mean to live a creative life? It’s a lot simpler than you think, and maybe a whole lot harder to put into practice than it should be. Creativity means using original ideas and imagination to make stuff, especially art. I won’t bug you about […]