Crazymakers and Energy Pennies

A desk covered with loks markers, pencils, washi tape, a notebook, and a glue bottle with the text "Crazymakers and Energy Pennies"

It has been a wild past few years for everyone in general, and in specific for me. Lately I’ve felt like I’ve been waking up after a really long nap–the kind where you slept so deeply that you have no idea how long you’ve been out. That’s what happens when you learn the connection between […]

Mature Friendships and Why You Need Them for Your Art

Two orange coffee mugs on a mat with a geometric pattern on a table with the text "Mature Friendships and Why You Need Them for Your Art" at the top.

One of the most pervasive myths I’ve encountered is that it’s hard to make friends as an adult. It’s really not. It’s just completely different from the process of making friends as a kid. Mature friendships are easy to make when you know what they require. And they’re also great for improving your art and […]

How I Use My Traveler from Freewrite

A hand holds a Freewrite Traveler covered in colorful stickers in front of a bookshelf with the text "How I Use My Traveler from Freewrite" at the top.

I’ve shared it a few times on Instagram, but now it’s time for me to tell you everything you need to know about how I use my Traveler from Freewrite. BUCKLE UP. For the record, this post isn’t sponsored. Astrohaus, the company that makes Freewrite devices, doesn’t know about me. (I mean, maybe they do? […]

Can Tarot Cards Ruin Your Life?

A moody, dark photo of The Magician, Wheel of Fortune, some rune stones, and flowers with the text "Can Tarot Cards Ruin Your Life?"

Tarot cards are mass-produced pieces of card stock. They don’t have any inherent power to them. Yet some people think they’re evil and can destroy you. Can tarot cards ruin your life? Let’s talk about it. Once, at a blogging conference, someone accused me of summoning Satan because I brought tarot cards. Firstly, if I […]

Millennials are Healing Their Childhood Trauma with Bob’s Burgers

There's an englarged cheeseburger in the background. In the foreground is a semi-transparent white box with the text "Millennials are Healing Their Childhood Trauma with Bob's Burgers" and the Bob's Burgers logo.

It’s no secret that I’m a Bob’s Burgers fan. I have a Teddy keychain hanging on the vision board behind my altar and I even have an alarm on my phone that goes off every Sunday night to help me stop what I’m doing and settle in to watch. What can I say? Millennials are […]

Whatever You Are Not Changing You’re Choosing

A white coffee mug sits on a book on a porch rail in the foreground. There are trees and rolling green hills in the background. The text reads "Whatever You Are Not Changing You're Choosing."

Sometimes you want something new. Sometimes you feel like you can’t start just yet. You wanna wait for Monday. Everything’s gotta be just right, right? Well, guess what? Whatever you are not changing you’re choosing. Before we get into the meat and potatoes of this post, let’s talk about Rush for a second. Yes, Rush […]