What Makes a Captivating Chapter 1?

an open book, laying in the grass, with some wildflowers laying on the pages and the text "What Makes a Captivating Chapter 1"

As a writer, I love writing. And reading. And the more I write and read, the more I think about how to make the perfect, captivating chapter 1. As with all writing, there’s not set answer, but I have some ideas. Chapter 1 is crucial for grabbing the reader’s attention and getting them to continue […]

11 Things to Try for a More Creative Lifestyle

A pA paint-spattered woman blurry in the background behind a magnifying glass with the text "11 Things to Try for a More Creative Lifestyle"

I know a lot of creative people who feel stuck simply because they can’t always express themselves the way they want. That’s why it’s important to cultivate a creative lifestyle no matter what. Creative means a lot of things to a lot of people. To me, it’s all about getting to express yourself the way […]

Try a Good Morning Tarot Spread to Start Your Day Off Right

A cup of coffee in front of a deck of tarot cards with the text "Try a Good Morning Tarot Spread to Start Your Day Off Right"

Building a tarot practice can be hard, especially when you aren’t sure how you should pull cards every day. A good morning tarot spread is a great way to build the tarot habit and start your day off right. You can build a pretty solid tarot practice just by pulling a card every morning and […]

Need Inspiration? Check Out These Writing Blogs

a laptop and breakfast tray on a bed with the text "Need Inspiration? Check Out These Writing Blogs"

As a blogger, I appreciate a good blog. And as a writer, I really love all the amazing writing blogs out there. If you are also an internet creeper who would prefer to quietly find information with zero human interaction, this list of writing blogs is for you. It seems like these days, all the […]

There Is No Reset Button In Life (But There Kind Of Is…)

And hand holding a pen over a blank notebook with the text "There Is No Reset Button In Life (But There Kind Of Is...)"

Sometimes you just want to start over, but there is no reset button in life. At least, not a mechanical one you can hit when you want to make a big change. But as you well know, I’m all about second chances and fresh starts and blank pages. There are very few things you can […]

She Has Read Too Many Books: A Memoir

a woman holding a book in front of her face with the text "She Has Read Too Many Books: A Memoir"

She has read too many books, I think to myself as I gaze into the mirror. I can tell, because even though she’s present in the physical sense, she’s miles away, in a story that she vaguely remembers reading twenty years ago. I mean, is there a better way to dissociate? I think not. As […]