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I only accept guest posts about writing (fiction, blogging, general craft, and how to market your writing), time management, or creative entrepreneurship. If you’re interested in guest posting here, please send me a post outline along with all the backlinks you intend to use in your post. (We don’t do paid follow links here, friendos.) 

I will never accept guest posts or sponsored posts for planners or journals that are in direct competition with the products I make.

I am not a book or product reviewer. I am not looking for books or products to review. 

Additionally, if I didn’t request your service, there’s no need to send me an email and 7 followup emails about what your scammy firm can do for me. I’m sorry you have the qualifications you have, and are stuck in a job where you are forced to do this sort of work. I know this won’t stop you, but I do hope you see this and maybe choose to work for a different company. (I know the job market is tough and your options are probably limited. But stay strong. There’s a job out there that won’t make you offer salty writers black hat SEO or guest posts that absolutely do not fit the website you’re pitching.) I know I can’t change the entire online marketing world, but maybe I can change your mind.