What’s the Best Tarot Book?

A hand with large rings holding up a tarot card with a white burning candle in the foreground and the text "What's the best tarot book"

One thing that really helped me learn more about tarot was reading about the cards. I always say the best tarot book is the book that helps you learn. So I created this post to help tarot readers at different stages of their journey learn more about the cards. NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate […]

Try Intentional Journaling to Clear Your Head

An open notebook on a table with a pen across it with a cable-knit throw over a chair behind it and the text "Try Intentional Journaling to Clear Your Head"

When I’m feeling stuck or like I can’t push past an obstacle, intentional journaling helps me get my life back on track. And the best part? You can integrate this process into whatever sort of journaling works for you. Now, it’s no secret that I’m a feral notebook hoarder and at any given time, I […]

What Makes an Essential Tarot Deck?

A light wood background with various tarot cards splayed out to the left with the text "what makes an essential tarot deck?"

It’s no secret that I have a lot of opinions on tarot cards, and perhaps you find many of them frustrating since they’re all basically a variation of “do whatever works for you.” So, when people ask me for my essential tarot deck recommendation, naturally, it’s not a simple answer. NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. […]

Creating a Bullet Journal for Writers for Planning and Recording

a leather notebook held in front of a bookcase with the tet "Creating a Bullet Journal for Writers for Planning and Recording"

It’s no secret that I love planners and planning. Hell, New Year is my favorite holiday and that is mostly because I get a new planner out of the deal. This year, I decided to get a little crafty with my planning system. So, let’s talk about my bullet journal for writers for planning and […]

Abundance Tarot: You Want to Pull This Card

a deck of tarot cards face down surrounded by peacock feathers and the text "Abundance Tarot: You Want to Pull This Card"

When I do tarot readings for strangers, I typically get asked a ton of questions about money. And while I think those questions are fine, reframing money questions to focus on what we really want (you know, the reason we want money) can get us better answers. That’s why I’m all about abundance tarot. Everyone’s […]

Everyday Witch Practices to Build Your Intuition

dried flowers, a purple candle, and scrolls bound with twine and the text "Everyday Witch Practices to Build Your Intuition"

There is no one thing that will help you learn to listen to and trust your intuition. But building up a series of rituals to help you connect with your intuition regularly is a good start. These everyday witch practices are perfect for just that. Got a problem with the word witch? We’ll get to […]