Witchy Bullet Journal Ideas

a blank notebook and pencil surrounded by pinecones and crystals with the text "Witchy Bullet Journal Ideas"

Planning is important, but there’s more to life than just thinking ahead. That’s why making space in your planning system for other stuff is always a good idea. With that in mind, I have a ton of witchy bullet journal ideas for you put some magic back in your planning routine. Bujo witchcraft? I hear […]

How to Stop Psyching Yourself Out When You Need Confidence Fast

a woman holding a coffee mug and staring out a window with the text "How to Stop Psyching Yourself Out When You Need Confidence Fast"

Being a human being is playing head games with yourself under the best circumstances. And you don’t always win. Knowing how to stop psyching yourself out in a pinch can help you live to fight another day in those head games. I am a person who remembers the nineties with fondness and confusion as to […]

How to Make a Tarot Spread for Two Choices

Sometimes you’ve got to make a decision, and the answer isn’t readily apparent. A tarot spread for two choices can help you see all the aspects of the choice you need to consider. Now, I’m not saying you should leave all your big life decisions up to the tarot. You should definitely think things through […]

Dear Creative Self: A Letter on Burn Out

sunflowers growing toward the sun against a blue sky with the text "Dear Creative Self: A Letter on Burn Out"

Dear creative self, It’s okay that you’re tired. Or burnt out. Or however you feel. It’s been a weird couple of years, and we haven’t been really good at taking care of ourselves under normal circumstances. Sure, you were warned, but warnings mean nothing if you have no previous data to interpret along with them. […]

Could a Bullet Journal for Projects Make You More Productive?

a hand writing in a bullet journal with the text "Could a Bullet Journal for Projects Make You More Productive?"

Some of my projects are tracked completely digitally. But sometimes, I gotta go analog. That’s why I’m a big fan of using a bullet journal for projects. And if you need to see all the details all in one place, you’re going to be a fan too. Many people keep a bullet journal personal. They […]

What Is the Worst Tarot Card?

a hand with red fingernails on top of tarot cards splayed on a table with the text "What Is the Worst Tarot Card"

Every tarot card has a different meaning to every person that sees them, but there are some that are pretty much universally disliked. Have you ever wondered what is the worst tarot card? There are a few that come to mind. Knowing how to use tarot cards, and how to read them is fun. People […]