Planning on the Cheap in a Personal-Size Traveler’s Notebook

It’s time I update you on my planner. Since January, I’ve moved out of the narrow-size Deluxe Distressed Creme Brulee from Chic Sparrow, and into a personal-size Classic Golden Maverick from Chic Sparrow for personal stuff, and I was using the Creme Brulee for teaching and lesson planning during the school year, but have decided to […]

Things That Are Saving My Life Right Now + the Giveaway Winner

Back in February, Anne Bogel held a link up about things that were saving our lives right now. Since I’ve hit a pretty busy/stressful/burnt out patch, I thought I would revisit this idea so I can count up the things that I’m seriously grateful for. So, without further ado, these are the things that are […]

Good Intentions and the Road I Paved in April

I had such good intentions for April. I feel like I could start 80% of my failures with that phrase, but who couldn’t? Also, I’m not going to count April as a complete failure. Let me explain. The good intentions for April were to not spend, eat right, get up on time, and to not […]

Introvert Inspiration: Motivation for the Rest of Us

Introvert inspiration is something I’ve been seeking for a while now. I feel like every time I do something that is supposed to inspire me, I wind up getting drained of energy and feeling like I need a whole month of just drooling in front of the TV before I feel the urge to create something […]

A Toast to Those Who Hate Their Jobs

Today, I would like to offer a toast to those who hate their jobs. When I posted my lunch picnic post to my personal Facebook, I captioned it with “In case you didn’t know, since leaving the worst job I ever had a year and a half ago (and no, I’m not talking about Tate Publishing–I […]

The Halfway Point: Intentional April Check-In

Here I am at the halfway point for my intentional April. (Yes, I know Friday was the halfway point of intentional April. But this spring is pulling me in a million different directions. With research papers to grade, an interview for a summer tutoring position, and OKC Litfest all converging together last weekend, well…I delayed […]