A Toast to Those Who Hate Their Jobs

Today, I would like to offer a toast to those who hate their jobs. When I posted my lunch picnic¬†post to my personal Facebook, I captioned it with “In case you didn’t know, since leaving the worst job I ever had a year and a half ago (and no, I’m not talking about Tate Publishing–I […]

The Halfway Point: Intentional April Check-In

Here I am at the halfway point for my intentional April. (Yes, I know Friday was the halfway point of intentional April. But this spring is pulling me in a million different directions. With research papers to grade, an interview for a summer tutoring position, and OKC Litfest all converging together last weekend, well…I delayed […]

A Lunch Picnic Is Where I Want to Be

Recently, Chris and I were able to have a lunch picnic on a weekday. How did our schedule get so flexible? I’lll explain. For the longest time, it felt like Chris and I were living in a terrible career nightmare. We were both doing things that were paying well enough, but weren’t what we wanted […]

This Super Simple Phone Hack Will Save Your Sanity

When it comes to productivity, the four horsemen of my getting work done apocalypse are text messages, Twitter, Instagram, and emails. Obviously, I needed a super simple phone hack to save my sanity. If I want to #tellstories, I want to sit there and #tellstories. If I want to grade papers, I want to sit […]

Be Intentional: Changes I’m Making This April

I make an effort to be intentional. On a good day, I’m just doing my best to get by. On a bad day, I’m an amalgamation of my bad habits in the worst possible way. I have a lot of bad habits that have become second nature — nail biting to quell anxiety, using junk […]

Have I told you about my new house out in Newalla?

Spoiler alert: I don’t actually have a new house out in Newalla. Though, about two years ago, Chris and I were actually thinking about buying a house out there. Newalla isn’t exactly the type of place two city kids daydream about. And neither of us particularly liked the idea of living so far away from […]