Things that are saving my life right now

Today I’m linking up with Anne to talk about what’s saving my life right now. I’m a pretty boring sort of person. And the older I get, the more boring I am, which is definitely a good thing. Boring means no drama, simple to do lists, and getting enough sleep every night. For that reason, […]

Do You Realize: The Flaming Lips and that one time I cried in yoga class

Allow me to preface this by reminding everyone that this is the year of the space cadet. So if it gets a little touchy feely in here today, well, that’s why. Last year around May, I started going to yoga class. I started out with a gentle yoga class offered through the university gym, and […]

I Need an Adult: On Searching for a Mentor

Wanted: One adult. Must: be able to tell me everything is going to be okay and that I’m not wasting my life. be able to give me tough love and call me out when I’m just phoning it in. like coffee and beer dates and let me ramble on about everything I’m insecure about. know […]

2016 will be the year of the space cadet

A lot of things happened in 2015. I left the worst job I’ve ever had to work part time as an adjunct instructor, got hired on full time, fell in love with yoga, published 3 short fiction pieces, found planner peace with traveler’s notebooks, and lost 10 pounds (that I totally gained back between Thanksgiving […]

How I fell down the Midori notebook rabbit hole

I knew before the school year started that I had to get my planner game straight.  NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products. I’ve used many different planners over the years. From the simple ones you get at office supply […]

About that time I quit blogging

Today I have a post over at Oklahoma Women Bloggers about that time I quit blogging. (Yeah, it was only 3 months ago.) So, if you’ve been curious about my absence, check it out. Otherwise, know that I’ve got a whole bunch of posts up my sleeve for the future. And hopefully, those posts are […]