Reading Your Own Tarot Is Easier Than You Think

tarot cards face down on a table and a hand touching the topmost card with the text "Reading Your Own Tarot Is Easier Than You Think"

A great way to learn more about tarot cards is by reading your own tarot. But if you’ve never done it before, it can be hard to get started. And when you compound that with all the weird advice out there about tarot reading, it can be hard to know what you should do. Lucky […]

No One Owes You a Damn Thing (So Do Whatever You Want!)

a gravel walking path with tall pink flower and the text "No One Owes You a Damn Thing (So Do Whatever You Want!)"

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that no one owes you a damn thing. Aside from the people who owe you money or haven’t fulfilled their part of a deal yet, you are completely un-owed. This may be a rude awakening to some. But overall, I think we can all agree it’s good news. Does Someone […]

Affirmations for Perfectionism

A mug on a table in front of a foggy forest with the text "Affirmations for Perfectionism"

Are you tired of feeling like you can’t start projects because you know they won’t turn out perfect? You can keep holding yourself back, or you could learn some affirmations for perfectionism and decide to enjoy the process. Perfectionism always rears its ugly head when it comes to creative pursuits. There are a lot of […]

Staying Inspired With My Ideas Journal

a pile of notebooks in front of a coffee mug and a succulent with the text "Staying Inspired With My Ideas Journal"

Inspiration ain’t so easy to find these days. As the pandemic extends into infinity, I’ve found myself turning to my ideas journal to keep my head above water creatively. Now, I’m not saying my ideas journals is going to save the day. In fact, it’s going to be a Band-aid at best. In dark times, […]

How to Have a Daily Tarot Practice Without Sacrificing Your Precious Time

A crystal point in a circle with tarot cards surrounding it with the text "How to Have a Daily Tarot Practice Without Sacrificing Your Precious Time"

A great way to learn to read tarot cards is to create a daily tarot practice. But when you look at Celtic cross spreads and Instagram altars, it can be really intimidating. Luckily, you don’t need to have a big, sexy tarot ritual to have a good daily tarot practice. When I first started, I […]

You’re Not Responsible for Other People’s Happiness

an ice cream cone smashed on the ground with a blurry background and the text "You're Not Responsible for Other People's Happiness"

Are you a sponge for the emotions of others? Do you find Zoom calls and group chats draining because there is just too much coming at you all at once? You’re probably like me in that you need the occasional reminder that you’re not responsible for other people’s happiness. Other people’s emotions have always been […]