What Romance Trope Are You?

a book, open on a dark grain wood table with teal, purple, and pink origami hearts spread across it with the text "What Romance Trope Are You?"

Come one, come all, readers! Let’s chat about tropes and which tropes we love. Specifically, let’s get down and dirty about what romance trope are you, and why you are so absolutely in love with that kind of story. All stories use tropes and archetypes, and each genre has specific tropes that readers know and […]

How to Create Your Own Book Bucket List Challenge

an open book next to a cup of tea with lemon and the text "How to Create Your Own Book Bucket List Challenge"

If you’re a reader, you probably have no trouble finding books to put on your TBR. But if you’d like to add a little intentionality to your TBR, you should create your own book bucket list challenge. “But Marisa,” I hear you say, “I already have a ton of books I need to read. I […]

What You Learn from Writing a Book Journal

a red mug sitting next to an open journal with a page filled by hand with blue ink and the text "What You Learn from Writing a Book Journal"

If you’ve ever thought about tracking your reading habits, you’ve probably considered writing a book journal where you track all the books you’ve read. A book journal is easy to set up and helps you learn more about yourself as a reader. Yes, there are super pretty book journals all over Instagram, and yeah. You’re […]

Books for Beginner Witches

an old, embellished leather book next to some herbs with the text "Books for Beginner Witches"

So you watched The Craft back in the 1990s and you’ve wanted to be a witch ever since. No? Just me? Well, even so. I have this awesome list of books for beginner witches to help you start your practice. NOTE:¬†This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a means for sites to earn advertising […]

How to Find Romantic Comedy Books to Fill Your TBR

a woman laying on her stomach in bed, holding a book with the text "How to Find Romantic Comedy Books to Fill Your TBR"

As a romance writer, I’m always looking for more romance books. I call it research, though, sometimes it’s actually procrastination. REGARDLESS! I have some tips to help you find some romantic comedy books if you’re interested in reading more of that subgenre. Admittedly, I became a writer because I loved reading. And the more I […]

Bookshelf Goals: Redefining Abundance in a #Bookstagram World

two floating bookshelves with books and a plant and the text "Bookshelf Goals: Redefining Abundance in a #Bookstagram World"

You don’t have to scroll far on Instagram to see perfectly curated shelves of hardbacks with all the latest bestsellers. But do you ever feel like the bookshelf goals you see online are like Gatsby’s unread books? Remember the owl-eyed man in Gatsby’s library who discovered that the pages of Gatsby’s books were uncut? The […]