To Become a Better Writer, You Must Read (and Consume a Fuckton of Media)

A crowded bookstore with loaded table displays and shelves in the background with the text "To Become a Better Writer, You Must Read (and consume a fuckton of media)"

It’s no secret that to become a better writer, you must read. And the rest of this post will argue that reading isn’t the only thing you gotta do to become a better writer. That’s right, kiddies! ::wheels in a TV on a rickety cart like a substitute teacher:: WE’RE WATCHING MOVIES TOO! But that’s […]

Happy 38th Birthday to Me!

A cupcake with a blue wrapper and multiple candles sits in the foreground with multi-colored balloons in the background. The text says "Happy 38th Birthday to Me!"

Yesterday was my birthday. Happy 38th birthday to me! But more importantly, it’s time for my sorta annual self-indulgent birthday blog post. If you’ve been here for a while, then you know what I’m talking about. Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room. This isn’t exactly a special or portentous birthday. There are no […]

Professional Development for Creatives

a coffee mug next to a laptop surrounded by fairy lights and the text "Professional Development for Creatives"

Most jobs require a certain amount of continued education to make sure you stay relevant in your field. But what if you work as a writer or blogger? What if you’re one of those people who is often referred to as a “creative?” Then you need to find some professional development for creatives to keep […]

You Can Be Perfect or You Can Be Happy: A Writer’s Reminder

a flatlay photo of a desk with a laptop and mug of coffee with someone writing in a blank notebook and the text "You Can Be Perfect or You Can Be Happy"

I spent a lot of time trying to be a specific type of writer. I think it all started in undergrad, when I tried to write a specific thing for a grade. That behavior haunted me for a long time. Then I said to myself, “You can be perfect or you can be happy.” If […]

People Make Time for What is Important to Them (but Sometimes They Can’t)

a white alarm clock on top of a pink notebook with scattered pens and the text "People Make Time for What is Important to Them (but Sometimes They Can't)"

I have received, and if we’re being honest, I’ve given so much reductive advice in my lifetime. It’s easy to do, and on the surface, that advice seems to make sense. But it doesn’t take into account all the factors it needs to. If you’ve ever heard people make time for what is important to […]

How to Enjoy the Winter Even Though It’s the Worst Season

two mugs of cocoa topped with marshmallows and cinnamon sticks on a white fuzzy rug in front of a roaring fire with the text "How to Enjoy the Winter Even Though It's the Worst Season"

Every year, despite my best efforts, summer fades into fall, which fades into the dreary, gray deathscape of winter. It’s definitely not my favorite time of year, but even so, I have some tips for how to enjoy the winter, especially if you hate being cold as much as I do. Before we get too […]