How to Enjoy the Winter Even Though It’s the Worst Season

two mugs of cocoa topped with marshmallows and cinnamon sticks on a white fuzzy rug in front of a roaring fire with the text "How to Enjoy the Winter Even Though It's the Worst Season"

Every year, despite my best efforts, summer fades into fall, which fades into the dreary, gray deathscape of winter. It’s definitely not my favorite time of year, but even so, I have some tips for how to enjoy the winter, especially if you hate being cold as much as I do. Before we get too […]

100 Self-Date Ideas Better Than Bingeing Netflix

a tray laying across a bathtub full of bubbles wit a glass of wine and self-care products with the text "100 Self-Date Ideas Better Than Bingeing Netflix"

If you’re the type who enjoys spending some quality time with yourself, or if you simply want to have some space away from others, you’ve probably searched for self-date ideas before. While you definitely don’t need to take yourself out to get some quality alone time, it can be nice to get out and have […]

Here’s Why You Can Stop Worrying About Catching Up With Friends

two women sipping from small mugs and smiling at each other with the text "Here's Why You Can Stop Worrying About Catching Up With Friends"

Sometimes you fall out of touch with people. It happens. Life comes at you, people get busy, and routines shift. That can make it really difficult to spend time with friends you used to see all the time. It can be tempting to reach out to rekindle what you once had, but that’s not always […]

13 Couples Art Activities That Are Better Than a Dinner Date

an open sketchbook with pencil drawings of faces and the text "13 Couples Art Activities That Are Better Than a Dinner Date"

There’s nothing wrong with a dinner date. In fact, I really enjoy a nice trip to a restaurant where I eat food that someone else cooked on dishes that someone else will wash. But these couples art activities are great for when you want to try something new. Full disclosure: My husband and I aren’t […]

How Do You Become an Artist?

a pencil cup full of neon-colored pens on a messy desk with the text "How Do You Become an Artist?"

Some career paths are linear, some aren’t. Some careers are revered and some aren’t. When people ask how do you become an artist, is that what they’re really asking? I don’t think it is. Instead, they’re asking for permission. They’re asking if they can really do it. They’re asking if all the people who supposedly […]

37 Life Lessons from Turning 37

a dimly image of a birthday cake with lit candles and the text "37 Life Lessons from Turning 37"

This past weekend was my birthday. I have a lot of thoughts on turning 37, and now you’re going to hear them. Being 37 years old in 2022 isn’t anything special, but I like to reflect on my birthdays. See these posts on the 10 commandments of turning 31, goals for my 33rd birthday, and […]