An Ode to the Things I Love but Never Buy for Myself

a pile of brown cardboard boxes tied with multi-colored ribbons with the text "An Ode to the Things I Love but Never Buy for Myself"

There’s a fine line between buying stuff for the sake of consumerism and buying stuff because you deserve nice things. I’m not always aware of where the line is. There are a lot of things I love but never buy for myself, and this post is an ode to their splendor. This post isn’t about […]

The Absolute Joy of Knowing You Will Never Be Perfect

a purple coneflower up close, with the tips of the petals slowly turning brown and the text "The Absolute Joy of Knowing You Will Never Be Perfect"

There is nothing quite like the feeling of relief you experience when you realize you will never be perfect. It’s a weight lifted and your lungs seem to expand more when you breathe. It’s like being reborn and getting to just be, which is all any of us should really strive for. Perfectionism is suffocating. […]

The Writer’s Life: Too Many Notebooks, Not Enough Coffee

a milky cup of coffee in front of a stack of books and notebooks with the text "The Writer's Life: Too Many Notebooks, Not Enough Coffee"

For the most part, I’m a normal, capable adult human who is much like every other normal human. But there’s also a dark side. I hate human interaction, have a caffeine addiction, and can’t look at a thing without thinking about what it could possibly be a symbol for. That’s the writer’s life, baby! While […]

I Love the Quietness of the Morning

A steaming mug of coffee sitting on a table as the sun rises in the background with the text "I Love the Quietness of the Morning"

No matter how easy or hard it is to get out of bed on a particular day, I love the quietness of the morning. It’s the one time of day that feels like it belongs to me, and it’s like a little secret pocket dimension where I can breathe. I’m an unrepentant morning person. Though, […]

The Self-Employment Story Corporate Doesn’t Want You to Read

a modern open office with big windows, white tables, and black chairs with the text "The Self-Employment Story Corporate Doesn't Want You to Read"

People like to hear those self-employment stories about hard work and perseverance. They like those tales of grit. They also like those stories about sticking it to the man and flipping off your old boss. My self-employment story is mostly a tale of being beaten down so much that I can’t work for anyone else […]

Productivity Hack: My Life is in Shambles

a coffe mug spilling on a pile of papers with the text "Productivity Hack: My Life is in Shambles"

We’ve all heard that old chestnut about how saying yes to one thing is saying no to another, right? Well, I get asked a lot about how I devote so much time to this blog or writing fiction. And the answer is my life is in shambles! Basically, I say yes to chaos and no […]