I Hate Social Media But Need It for Business (and Other Lies)

a woman's hand with blue nails holding a smart phone and the text"I Hate Social Media But Need It for Business (and Other Lies)"

We are a couple decades down the social media rabbit hole now, and I have miles to go before I sleep. (I think that’s how the poem goes?) I want to be the sort of person who makes relatable viral content on social media while simultaneously being the sort of person who throws her phone […]

How to Get Motivated to Write a Book

a bright office with a laptop and plant on a desk and a woman's hand writing in a notebook with the text "How to Get Motivated to Write a Book"

A common question I get asked (and one that I’ve asked many times myself!) is how to get motivated to write a book. The answer isn’t the same for everyone, but I will say we all struggle with a lack of motivation. There are tons of writing motivation quotes all over Pinterest and Instagram, so […]

How to Grow as a Writer (It’s Not What You Think!)

a person holding a notebook on their lap with a pen poised to write and the text "How to Grow as a Writer (It's Not What You Think!)"

Writing is a weird thing to do. When you’re writing, you never feel like you’re getting the point across. Your words are clumsy and this grand idea you had in your head seems incommunicable. Though, you find weird moments where someone reads something you’ve written and it resonates with them. There isn’t a list of […]

How to Create Free Digital Business Cards

hands typing on a laptop with a mug of coffee and notebook on a pink background with the text "How to Create Free Digital Business Cards"

Conferences and networking events are ramping back up after the pandemic hiatus. Whether or not it’s actually safe for these events to occur is another matter. The wheel of capitalism grinds on! Personally, I haven’t updated my biz cards in ages, but I recently learned how to create free digital business cards and it’s time […]

How Many Words Per Day Should You Be Writing?

a pile of notebooks, a mug of coffee, and a woman cropped out of the frame sitting in front of a window with the text "How Many Words Per Day Should You Be Writing?"

It’s an inevitable question if you’re writing a book. You feel like you aren’t making any progress, and you ask yourself, “how many words per day should I be writing?” Let’s talk about why you should never ask that question and better goals for you to set. Look. I used to give way too many […]

What Makes My Writer’s Notebook Work for Me

Coffee, a pen cup, and a stack of gold coil-bound notebooks on a desk with the text "What Makes My Writer's Notebook Work for Me:

I’ve been talking a lot about writing and notebooks, but I haven’t shared too many specifics about my notebook. So, it’s clearly time to talk about what makes my writer’s notebook work for me. NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to […]