What’s In My Bag – Megaphone Summit Edition

Today I’m heading to Fayetteville, Arkansas, with Allison to attend Megaphone Summit. I’m looking forward to meeting bloggers that I’ve been reading for a while, hanging out with some kick ass women who are getting shit done, and of course, that sweet, sweet swag bag. And while I stressed for like 3 months straight about […]

Welcome to the Perfect Storm!

That’s right, fellow procrastinators — we’ve reached the perfect storm. That’s what I like to call the stage in any project where shit absolutely must get done, and the pressure to complete it is so immense that there’s no room for error. Couple that with the amount of things that have to happen to pull […]

Reading Memories: Crying About Dr. Seuss and Frodo

This summer, I’ve been working with the Institute of Reading Development, and it’s been a lot of fun and also the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve worked double shifts as a server and bartender. I’ve worked with impossible ghostwriting clients. I’ve worked at the job from hell. But nothing compares to the exhaustion I have felt […]

10 Fanfiction Stories I Want to Read

Today, let’s talk about fanfiction. I like stories. I like them a lot. I like them so much that I write my own and a lot of the time, I read the stories of others. Because of my love and fascination with stories, I spend a lot of time thinking about fictional characters and what […]

10 Fictional Careers I’d Be Great At

I’ve thought a lot about the sort of fictional career I’d be best at. Sure, I’ve written quite a bit about the worst job I ever had, and about the freedom my current job affords me. But all those musings pale in comparison to what I have to say about each fictional career that I’d […]

Planning on the Cheap in a Personal-Size Traveler’s Notebook

It’s time I update you on my planner. Since January, I’ve moved out of the narrow-size Deluxe Distressed Creme Brulee from Chic Sparrow, and into a personal-size Classic Golden Maverick from Chic Sparrow for personal stuff, and I was using the Creme Brulee for teaching and lesson planning during the school year, but have decided to […]