Last Friday, the Eastside Design Co. shop officially opened for the 2nd Friday Art Walk in Norman. I played a pivotal role in it, mainly by helping Chris clean up, punching some grommets into white cloth to make a curtain, hanging T-shirts, and drinking far too much High Life.

Eastside Design Co. shirts

(What can I say? It’s the champagne of beers!)

The opening went off without a hitch, and I want to thank all the friends who stopped by and made a purchase.

Eastside Design Co. Eastsider shirt

I also want to say how proud I am of Chris. He’s pretty much been working his ass off for the past couple of months to make it all happen. Most days, he goes from his day job straight to his shop, and keeps right on working. If he’s not designing, then he’s printing, or shipping orders, or outlining some big plans for the future. And even though his day job takes up a significant portion of his day, he still puts in just as much effort at the shop. That is some Grade-A bootstrappin’, America.

Eastside Design Co. shop

Chris used half the space for his shirts, pins, and prints. The other half he opened up to a couple of friends so they could display and sell their stuff too.

Jay Hylton had some of his paintings and pins for sale.

Eastside Design Co. Jay Hylton

Eastside Design Co. Jay Hylton

And Ashley of Ash and Bee had some wood burnings and prints for you to purchase.

Eastside Design Co. Ash and Bee

Eastside Design Co. Ash and Bee

And even though I didn’t get a picture of it, Trae from 405 Brewing set up shop and gave out cups of the Grapefruit Sour and Frais d’Ete to shop visitors.

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(I feel the need to disclose that I had quite a few of these in addition to the aforementioned High Life. Lay off me, it was Friday.)

One of my favorite things that Eastside Design Co. is doing currently are these sweet enamel pins.

Eastside Design Co. enamel pins

I’ve shown the Stay Gold pin here before, but will you get a load of that happy little pizza and goofy little pickle? I love them. That’s why I’m giving away all three to one lucky winner. Just enter in the Rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

There are multiple ways to enter, but just make sure you do it before Wednesday, May 25, at midnight. I’ll announce the winners next week.

P.S. If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ve already seen this. If you don’t, get ready for this sweet print collaboration to go up for sale. Ashley of Ash and Bee did the illustration, Chris did the color and printing, and you need to hang it in your house.

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16 Responses

  1. Way to go Chris! Maybe one of these days I’ll actually make it out to a Second Friday and come visit his new space.

    I LOVE that wildling print. Looks like Jon Snow knows something after all. How to get killed and then un-killed.

    1. Spoiler alert! And you definitely have to come out some time. (Especially now that the students are gone and we have the city back to ourselves.)

  2. I was wandering around downtown a few days before I flew out and saw the space down there! Was hoping you guys would be doing something for Second Friday. How awesome that this is all working out for him. Love the pins and I want them. Cartoon pizza is one of my favorite things.

    1. You’ll have to stop by next Second Friday. It totally makes me want my own Main Street loft studio.

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