Sometimes you find yourself pondering a question, or trying to suss out a gut feeling. In those times, I like to pull some tarot cards. There are tons of ways you can do a personal tarot reading to help you better understand what you’re up against.

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Whether you like to pull physical cards or prefer to use apps to do your tarot reading online, tarot can be a great way to help you look at an issue you may be facing. Of course, you can pull cards just for the hell of it too.

Regular personal tarot readings are good for checking in with your intuition or for helping you learn the meanings of the cards. You can do them as part of a daily routine, or you can do them whenever you feel like it.

My favorite thing about the tarot is there aren’t that many rules, aside from needing to use a tarot deck and actually pulling the cards. Every reader is different, and I love how no two readers will give the same reading even if they pull the same cards.

What You Need for a Personal Tarot Reading

Now, it’s important to think about what you may need to do a tarot reading. What’s makes a personal tarot reading free is that you do it yourself. But also, you kind of have to pay for a deck so you have it to work with.

There are apps you can download that pull some cards for you daily. And you could always download images of the Smith-Rider-Waite from Wikimedia Commons and print them out, if you feel so inclined.

So, even though there are some methods that are cheaper than others, at the end of the day, you still have to have access to a deck. I also have a list of tarot reading essentials that make the process a lot more enjoyable.

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And if you’re one of those people who believes you need a momentous occasion to have a tarot reading, you don’t. There are tons of very good reasons why you should get a tarot card reading, and to me, the most compelling is simply because you want one.

So if you’re ready to do your own personal tarot reading, just do it. And these spreads will help you get started.

Personal Tarot Reading Spreads

Whether you’re in the market for a free tarot reading or you simply prefer to do it yourself, these personal tarot reading spreads are a great way for you to check in with the cards. These aren’t your only options, so feel free to take these ideas and run with them!

001: A Weekly Check-In

I do this every Sunday. I usually ask a few questions and pull cards for each question.

Sometimes I ask what I need, or what I should pay attention to, but mostly it’s formed by the week I know I have ahead of me. So, this type of spread works best with a calendar handy.

Take a look at what you have going on in the week ahead of you, and think about what’s making you anxious or stressed or what you’re really excited about.

From there, formulate some questions, and pull cards for each.

This can be as many cards as you’d like.

002: When You’re Feeling Blocked

As a writer, blocks are many. So, when I’m feeling particularly blocked, I take a moment and do a spread.

There are a couple of ways you can tackle this type of spread.

First, you could pull cards to determine what’s keeping you blocked. This will greatly depend on you, but you might consider pulling cards for the obstacles you’re facing, the reason you’re stuck, advice you should follow, and how you should move forward.

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Or, you could take a look at the creative work you’re doing and pull cards to help you work around it. So, you could pull cards specific to part of the project that has you blocked. You may ask questions like does this work or should I rewrite this section or where did the story fall apart.

In either case, you’re going to find some clarity around the work you’re doing, even if you don’t necessarily lift the block in a few card pulls.

003: Any Three Cards

For me, pulling three cards is the magic spread. Most of my spreads are three cards. I feel like it’s the magic number of cards. Plus, the bigger a spread is, the more I get lost in what’s what.

For a good free three card tarot reading, you can pull three cards to represent any three things. Past, present, and future. Mind, body, and spirit. Like, you could pull cards for any three things.

Of course, you could just pull three cards and discern what meaning you’d like from it without thinking about what each particular card represents. The possibilities are endless!

004: Two Choices

If you’ve got a decision in front of you, you can always do a tarot spread for two choices. This spread can be as simple or as in-depth as you’d like.

And you can always add more cards to give your choices more context.

005: Good Morning

If you like to pull tarot cards in the morning, then a good morning tarot spread may just be the sort of personal tarot reading you need.

You could also adapt your good morning tarot spread for each season, or for particular things you’re going through or dealing with. Like an autumn good morning spread for the heavy deadlines in your October. (Maybe that’s specific to just me.)

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I also think simply pulling a tarot card and meditating on it while you sip your coffee could be a very good way to start the morning.

006: Vibe Check

Look, sometimes you just want a to pull a card and get a feeling for what’s up. Like, maybe you think someone is in love with you, and you want to do a little vibe check and pull some cards in the form of a free love tarot reading.

I’m not a huge fan of pulling cards to see who likes you or what’s going on with your love life. To me, if the spread is going to incorporate more than just you, you need consent from the other person to pull some cards.

But I do think a vibe check is a good way to go into new situations, or to help you process something you just experienced.

You could ask questions about what you’re being called to pay attention to, or what you need to know about the energy of a situation. It’s all up to you.

Ready to Pick a Tarot Card?

Whether you’re ready to do some spreads or you’d like to build a daily tarot practice, there are tons of ways you can use tarot cards. What’s a spread you like to do? Do you pull cards every single day?

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