The Fossil Austin Large Flap is the best purse I ever bought.

Today I’m just sharing my love of my Fossil Austin Large Flap bag. This isn’t a sponsored post. Though, if Fossil wanted to be a sponsor, I’d be happy to oblige.

I have very high expectations when it comes to purses, and the Fossil Austin Large Flap bag has exceeded them all. (If you’ve read about the best brown leather tote you can buy, then you know this already.) The Fossil Austin Large Flap bag has been a workhorse for me. It’s perfect for taking to work, or for going to a concert. It can hold a wallet, keys, a phone, and any other essential item you need — like a planner.

I came by my Fossil Austin Large Flap bag in a roundabout way. On a day when some friends came down to Norman for lunch, we decided to hit up Ross. I saw the bag first thing. It wasn’t with the others, but rather sitting up by a register. I was immediately pissed off because I assumed someone was buying it. But all throughout the shopping trip, I’d look up to see the bag was still there.

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I picked it up, and fondled it. I love good leather, and the Fossil Austin Large Flap bag is made of some of the best of it. Sure, it was a little battered from being kicked around a Ross store, but nothing a little love couldn’t fix. The only issue was there was no price tag, but there was a security tag.

I snagged a cashier and asked her how much it was. She snagged a manager, who told me the bag was $125. For an all leather bag, that’s not too bad a price. (Especially since the actual price of the Fossil Austin Large Flap bag is $198.) But the bag was still scratched up, so I asked if they had another in stock. No go. The Fossil Austin Large Flap is a rare bird indeed.

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This is the point where my friends were all like, “Um, you’re not going to buy that, are you?” They’re all Coach whores. Let them carry their bags made of cloth with a few leather accents. (Leather, I may add, that has been dyed within an inch of its life.) I firmly believe that if your bag isn’t 100% leather, it’s not worth it. And the Fossil Austin Large Flap is 100% leather. Seriously. It doesn’t even have a lining.

Anyway, I looked the manager in the eye and said, “Will you take $100 since it’s damaged?”

I’m Persian. This is what we do when we shop.

And, since I’m writing about how this is the best purse I’ve ever owned, best believe that the manager of that Ross took that offer. (You can literally barter anywhere. And you absolutely should.)

The Fossil Austin Large Flap bag is the best purse I ever bought.

I took the bag home, and bought some Kiwi brand mink oil. I massaged the bag a couple of nights and let the oil set in. Then, after a week, those scratches were gone. This probably also helped a lot with softening the really stiff leather of the Fossil Austin Large Flap. And I’ve been wearing it ever since. This bag has followed me through my second master’s degree and two terrible jobs. It’s gone to concerts, countless shopping trips, and a couple of vacations. And I plan to keep on bringing it with me wherever I go.

About a year ago, one of the little twisty knobs that secures the flap to the bag came off, but I stitched it right up. And, well, about a week ago, the other twisty nob came off, so it looks like I’m gonna have to get out my sewing kit again.

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But I’m totally fine with that. Like I said, the Fossil Austin Large Flap is the best purse I bought. And I’m going to keep it forever.

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What about you? What’s the best purse you’ve ever bought? Any tried and true tactics for bartering at Ross?

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  1. I am a Fossil girl, too. I have a bag that I got almost two years ago and I still haven’t switched it out. It’s a total mom bag, the Sydney Croco Shopper. Bigger than I typically carry but I can stuff the crap out of it with anything and I’m not going to trade it in just yet! It has a little piece of leather on the handle that I need to glue back, but other than just putting some moisturizing stuff on it, it has held up well!

  2. The best bag I ever bought is one I purchased two years ago for what I thought at the time was a ridiculous price but it has been with me daily – commuting, working, weekending, in New Orleans and South Africa and all the other places I’ve traveled. I’ve beaten it to death and it looks brand new.

    I love your Fossil bag story! Before I bought this bag, I was considering the flap bag.

  3. I carry a Levenger Bomber Jacket Laptop Messanger. I also have the smaller messenger. It’s a European carry–all and I love it.

  4. I’m a total, unapologetic Coach whore. My last favorite was on my Christmas list a few years back. I found the exact gorgeous red leather bag at the Tinker BX on Black Friday sale for like 50% off the military price and that bitch was mine. Currently searching for my next favorite because Mama needs a brown bag.

  5. What a steal! I think my all time favourite bag is my current Mimco one. It’s huge and I can carry everything I need for work or a day out inside. The only problem is that it’s so big and black inside, trying to find anything inside is like mission impossible!

    1. Ugh. I know that feeling. My laptop bag is that way. I’m pretty sure I may have like 7 phone chargers and all the pens I’ve ever owned at the bottom of that bag.

  6. I’m still searching for my purse soul mate. I have a Sac leather bag that can be either worn as a backpack or over the shoulder. However, the strap always slips off my shoulder so it’s not my favorite. But thanks for the Kiwi tip. I have several bags that could use some love.

  7. Cute bag! And so versatile!

    I have been known to abuse my bags (unintentionally of course) so I’m far more likely to buy something cheap at Target. I do, however, have an adorable Fossil wallet. It’s been to hell and back (and no, it won’t do anything for love) with the way I am. and it’s held up well.

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