Building a tarot practice can be hard, especially when you aren’t sure how you should pull cards every day. A good morning tarot spread is a great way to build the tarot habit and start your day off right.

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You can build a pretty solid tarot practice just by pulling a card every morning and journaling about it. Touching your cards in some way is great way to create a daily tarot practice.

But sometimes, you want a big, fancy spread. You want to have a whole set of cards you’re going to pull, and you want to lay them out on the table like one of those sexy Instagram posts.

I get it. I, too, am easily seduced by the Instagram tarot. And a good morning tarot spread is a great way to start your day with some tarot.

Before we talk about the good morning tarot spread, though, let’s talk about tarot spreads in general.

A Note on Tarot Spreads

You can pull cards for whatever you want. You don’t have to do special tarot spreads created by others, and if you have questions you want the cards to answer, just ask and pull the cards. Reading your own tarot is all about figuring out what you need from your reading and focusing on that.

There are a lot of spreads out in the world, and you can simply do a Google search and find way more spreads than you could ever need. Instead of focusing on doing a spread because it’s already designed, focus on doing a spread for what you actually want to know.

There are probably some spreads out there that will resonate with you, and some that won’t. I tend to stay away from a lot of them just because I don’t like the language they use or the questions they’re asking.

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I never do a manifestation spread or anything that looks into the future. If you’re into manifestation, then by all means, use those spreads. I hate how most people have repackaged the prosperity gospel and call it manifestation. If you like future spreads like a tarot spread for the next 3 months, then do it. I feel like there are too many choices between now and dinner time, so I don’t know how your behavior couldn’t alter any card pull that seeks to predict three months into the future.

Essentials for a Good Morning Tarot Spread

When it comes to creating a good morning tarot spread that works for you, you should focus on what you want out of the spread. Is it clarity? Is it direction? Is it some insight into what you’ve got going on? Once you figure that out, then you’re good to go. You could even look at this as an opportunity to do a purpose of today tarot spread, where you figure out what purpose you’re creating. But, just in case you’d like some inspiration for cards to pull, check out these ideas to incorporate into your good morning tarot spread.

001: What do I need right now?

I ask this of my deck before every single writing session. I love how it helps calm me down before writing. And if you have a particularly stressful day ahead, this can probably help calm you too. For me, I like to ask this question and pull a card, and then pull a second card to clarify the meaning. You can do that every morning, or incorporate this question into a larger spread.

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002: What energy should I embody?

This is a good question to ask in like every single tarot spread. I don’t know if it means the same thing to everyone, but to me, it’s like asking how should I approach the day.

003: What am I being called to pay attention to?

This question is great for uncertain times, or times when you feel a little foggy and aren’t sure where your focus should be. I like this question especially for changing seasons of life, like when I’m going through some kind of transition or finishing up one project and moving to a new one.

004: What is my card of the day?

This is a pretty easy question, and depending on how you interpret it, it could mean a lot of things. Maybe this means the card is the theme you should focus on. Maybe it means that’s the thing you need to learn that day. Maybe it means you’re going to see the message of this card play out in real time. Or maybe you just need to meditate on it. I like this just because it’s fun to see how this card could play into your day.

005: What lessons am I ignoring?

I ask this question often. I know I’m not great at learning stuff the easy way, or even the medium to basic hard way. Soul-shattering point of no return learning? Yeah. That’s my style. So it stands to reason that there’s some lesson I’m actively ignoring or refusing to learn at any given time. If you’re the same, start incorporating this into your spreads.

006: What I can let go of?

I have a tendency to hold onto things that are no longer serving me and I’ve been known to keep a habit long after its usefulness has worn off. Adding this question to spreads is nice because it can highlight areas of your life where you may be doing something that you can cut out. There is never a time that I ask this question and don’t feel personally attacked.

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007: Advice for the day.

Sometimes you just need a little advice to go about your day. This question is great for that. You can focus it to a specific area of your life, or you can keep it general.

A Good Daily Tarot Spread for Beginners

A good morning tarot spread is a great daily tarot spread for beginners. But if you’re not a morning person, don’t worry. You can still pull cards at any time of day.

If you like to have a slow and purposeful Sunday, you can do a tarot spread for the coming week. Ask any questions you’d like, including the questions listed above, just adjust them to be about the week ahead.

And there’s always a nightly tarot spread, which can help you process the events of the day you just experienced. You can ask questions about what lessons you were presented with during the day and what you should focus on the next day.

The only limits here are the questions you ask when pulling cards.

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