Honestly, I’m the last person on the planet you should expect to have a vision board. But every once in a while I am overcome by urges to do things. So here we are. Let me explain.

vision board

Last Saturday, I came home around 1:30 PM from a friend’s house. We had played Eclipse Phase, and eaten absurd amounts of queso and donuts. (We did not dip the donuts in queso. Sorry to disappoint.) During that time, each of our characters was questioned by a Karen Gillan-esque character played by James, the GM. See, Black Hilda hired us to escort her, and we got into some mischief on Mars. So, when we boarded the Scum Swarm, naturally, people were curious.

(There’s a lot of backstory here, so if you’re interested, you should totally start listening to R2D. It’s a podcast that’s a recording of our games. Also, know that my character is an uplift octomorph named Coral Typhoon. Some call me Squishy.)

Anyway, after we played, Alexis took us around her new home and showed us the homestead. It’s an adorable house that she and her boyfriend have totally made their own. In the backyard, there’s a garden and a pond that her German Shepherd pranced in, and a creepy path that has a ton of poison berries and probably Slender Man tracks.

(Does Slender Man leave tracks?)

On my drive home, I kept thinking about how much fun it must have been for Alexis to buy a house and make it her own. I’m sure many people have had this thought before, but I generally don’t think much about the space I occupy, probably because for the first 28 years of my life, I tended to live in spaces that I was not allowed to modify in any way. But then I remembered that Chris and I totally have the ability to modify our space. AND THAT WE SHOULD.

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So, when I got home, I asked my boyfriend Chris, a bearded fellow of the burly sort if he wanted to make a vision board for our house. Oddly enough, he said yes. We gathered our things and headed to Barnes and Noble to purchase some magazines (and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child) so we could come home and make a vision board.

I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to help me make a vision board. He said yes. Click To Tweet

See, we want to change up our house a bit. A lot, actually. We have quite a few remodeling projects we’d like to take on, and we’ve been lacking the motivation to get started. However, upon seeing Alexis’s house and all the work they’ve done in the garden, it occurred to me that the best way to get things done is to just straight up do them. Oddly enough, that seems to do the trick.

So, before we even hung a single image on the ol’ vision board, we started tearing up some carpet. And now the fireplace is a lot closer to being done that it has been in the past 7 years. (For those of you who don’t know, there has kind of been a gaping hole in the wall for the past 7 years…literally since before I met Chris, and way before I moved in with him.)

(I must really love a dude to move into his gaping hole house.)

To be clear, the gaping hole is still there. However, we have laid down this vapor barrier thing, and there’s a frame that’s braced against some studs, and soon, we will have no more gaping holes! (Obviously, I’m not good at talking renovations. I may be a contractor’s daughter, but let’s be real. This blog will never be about fixing up a house. It could very well become a blog about selling off 98% of your possessions and living in a van as I traverse the country, but we’ll discuss that at a later date.)

As we make progress on the gaping hole, I'll keep you posted. Click To Tweet

As we make progress on the gaping hole, I’ll keep you posted. The next step is to purchase some cement boards and tile, and of course, to install them.

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As for the vision board, I think it may continue to grow. We have all manner of ideas for this house. And as long as I keep getting random spurts of inspiration from hanging out with people, then who knows how many more projects we’ll tackle?!

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  1. Slender Man leaves nothing behind, not even your memories, behind.

    How do you keep your house cool with said gaping hole?

    1. Well, there’s a wall behind the gaping hole. So, it’s not energy efficient, but it’s also not like a hole to the outside world.

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