Tarot is one of my favorite tools for checking in with my intuition and my subconscious. But sometimes, you need to check in with the world around you. That’s why I recommend creating a message from the universe tarot spread to get the sign you’re looking for.

three tarot cards next to a crystal with the text "Create a Message from the Universe Tarot Spread to Get a Sign"

Now, I’m the sort of person that believes the tarot doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know, and that you already know the meaning of the cards. For more, check out this how does tarot work post.

Even so, a good tarot message spread can help you check in with your subconscious mind and find messages that are already out there. This looks different for everyone, and maybe a bit of synchronicity’s at play. But, if you ask me, tarot is just showing you what you’ve already been shown, maybe by underlining it so you can get a real good look.

So, if reading your own tarot is your thing, maybe it’s time to see what messages the universe has for you.

A Note on Creating Tarot Spreads

In case you’re worried that you need to follow specific spreads when you pull tarot cards, you don’t.

You can create a spread for whatever occasion. You can pull just one card, or you can pull many. And you don’t ever have to follow someone else’s spread if you don’t want to.

There are tarot spreads for everything. If you do a quick Google search, you’ll find a divine feminine tarot spread, a deceased tarot spread, a spiritual gift tarot spread, a divine connection tarot spread, or a self-love tarot spread. You can use these spreads created by others. But you can also make up your own.

When you’re reading tarot, you are the tarot spread translator, so you’re the one that is determining what the cards mean in the context of the spread. If there’s a particular spot in a spread that doesn’t resonate with you, feel free to skip it or replace it.

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When you’re reading the cards, you’re in the driver’s seat. So pick spreads that make sense to you, or create your own. Don’t worry about what works for other readers. They don’t matter when it comes to your cards.

How to Create a Message from the Universe Tarot Spread

First and foremost, figure out what you’re in the market for. Sure, you want a message from the universe. But is there a particular area of your life you’d like a message about? How specific do you want it to be?

You can ask questions and pull cards all day, but the answers are only as helpful as the questions. So don’t just ask for a message, pull a card, and assume that’s the answer. Instead, craft a spread that allows you to get really specific, and gives you room to clarify the question.

With all that in mind, here are some questions I recommend you ask the next time you do a message from the universe tarot spread.

001: What the universe wants you to know.

This is a really simple question. It could either be infuriating or helpful.

If you’re doing this reading for general purposes, just looking for a sign, this is a great question to ask. But if you’re looking for information about a very specific part of your life, you may want to tailor this question to that area of your life.

And, depending on how familiar you are with the tarot, a broad question may be a little too much to interpret. So, ask this question if you’re comfortable with it and can sift through the layers of meaning that a card may show on this issue.

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002: The energy to embody.

Life comes at you hard and fast, and knowing how to act in any situation is worth its weight in gold.

Pulling a card to see what energy you should embody can help you approach whatever situation you find yourself in. It can also be a reminder to help you chill out and take a backseat. This is a question I put into nearly every spread. I like it a lot, and think it helps to clarify a lot of the other cards you pull.

003: The overall message.

Sometimes you don’t want the finer details, and that’s fine. Sometimes, you get a ton of cards that pull you in multiple directions and want to end the reading with this card for clarity.

This question is great for many purposes, and sometimes it’s the best question to ask.

004: The advice.

Most of us are pulling cards to figure out what we should do in a particular situation. Why not just ask?

I like asking the cards what the advice I should follow is. It makes it easier to figure out next steps, and it can help me really clarify what the other cards in the spread mean in that context.

005: What to cultivate.

If you’re looking for help with a big life transition or for heading in a new direction, asking the cards what you should cultivate can be helpful. Each new season of life means you have to make changes, and building new habits and routines can help. So asking the cards what you should cultivate in that new season, or what you should cultivate in honor of the message from the universe can be a great way to make some plans about your next moves.

006: What to stop.

If the universe is sending you messages, there’s a chance that you need to stop doing something in order to welcome something new into your life. Putting this into your spread is a great way to get clarity on which area of your life may be out of balance, and what you can cut out to fix it.

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007: What to pay attention to.

I like this question a lot and use it in a ton of spreads. I find it’s helpful to have a message about what you should keep an eye on as you get this message from the universe. Sure, it may be vague, but bringing your attention to that vague thing is what will make it stand out when you need it.

008: What to ignore.

And just as there are things you should pay attention to, there are things that don’t matter. I love pulling a card for this question because it helps me think about how I can stop paying attention to things that don’t really matter.

009: The lesson.

This question is a lot like the advice, only it’s less about what you should do and more about what you should’ve learned by now. Not necessarily in a bad way, but in the way where you should take stock and think about how your experiences could better serve you.

Do You Ask the Tarot for Messages from the Universe?

Admittedly, I don’t look for messages from the universe often, but I do a good morning tarot spread at least once a week. When you do a message from the universe tarot spread, what do you ask?

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