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Here's what I use to run my online business, learn what I need to know, and keep my publishing game on point:

Would you like to learn from the best in the world? Masterclass is a great online course platform that allows you take classes from people like Neil Gaiman, Martin Scorsese, David Sedaris, Shonda Rimes, Doris Kearns Goodwin, and so many more.

Tailwind is a great way to keep your content relevant in everyone’s favorite search engine–Pinterest! Tailwind allows you to schedule pins to post later and share pins with communities who then also share them, all so you can ensure people find you online.

People ask me all the time if Tailwind and Pinterest are worth the time and money investment. Well, how did you find me online? Pinterest? I thought so.

Oh, and Tailwind’s Instagram scheduler is amazing and it’s my favorite.

Smarterqueue is the best way to continually share links to places like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. And the best part? you can create multiple posts for one link. Then, Smartequeue will cycle through all your various posts for one link without you having to re-share them. It’s a very “set it and forget it” tool, and for that, i love it.

Ready to design a planner or journal? Publish with Purpose is the best course to help you conceptualize a planner or journal, design it, produce it, and consistently market it.

If you’re serious about creating products that are affordable and accessible for your audience, this is definitely a course you should consider.

Podia is the site that hosts all my eCourses and digital products. I love the platform, and there’s tons of resources and guides to help you use this platform, and it’s consistently being updated and improved to make your life easier as an online biz owner.

Email marketing sucks. There’s no getting around it. But I love how easy to use SendFox is. There’s no spammy jargon, and it’s the most affordable email service I’ve come across.

If you get my Saturday Morning Donuts letter, that’s sent with SendFox.

SendFox is part of the AppSumo family of super affordable products, and I love all the deals they run to help me do what I do.

Draft2Digital is the best way to publish your ebook to all distributors. You can easily upload your manuscript and cover, and Draft2Digital takes care of layout, publishing, and distribution. 

Oh, and did I mention free ISBNs? Because yeah. They give you a free ISBN for every book you upload.

Are you ready to build your author email list? You gotta get StoryOrigin–the best way for authors to find reviewers, build their mailing list, and increase sales through newsletter swaps and group promotions.

Skillshare is a great, affordable way to learn all the little things you need to know to do what you do.

They offer courses on everything from marketing to video editing to copywriting to guitar playing to plant maintenance and pretty much everything else you could ever want to know.