Last Thursday, Mari and I got the opportunity to check out Spruced Cooperative in Edmond. My good friend (and Megaphone Summit conference roomie) Allison at Refunk My Junk got together with a couple of other local entrepreneurs to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

A Visit to Spruced Cooperative in Edmond

Spruced Cooperative in Edmond isn’t your typical boutique shop. It’s pretty well known that I have a lot of issues with a lot of the local boutique shops. But Spruced Cooperative is different.

Spruced Cooperative in Edmond merchandise

For example, they offer more than any other boutique I’ve seen. Allison brings her skill and passion for painting and fixing up old furniture. There’s a space for classes, and while we were there, we saw a group painting signs with chalk paint!

Spruced Cooperative in Edmond Painting Class

There’s also a two-chair salon in the back. The space is adorable, and I want to sit in that pink couch all day and listen to the beauty shop gossip as it rolls in. (But I won’t do it because I understand why perhaps Allison and the other owners wouldn’t want a weirdo just eavesdropping in their shop all day.)

Spruced Cooperative in Edmond Hair Salon

And then, there’s the shop itself where you can purchase home decor, Heirloom Traditions paints, and lots of clothes and jewelry. I would argue that if you need to buy a gift for a woman between the ages of 12 and 65, you could probably find something for her here. The jewelry selection alone is amazing, and there are so many fun little home goods that it was really hard not to go home with everything.

When I first walked into Spruced Cooperative, I set an $800 budget. Click To Tweet
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When I first walked into Spruced Cooperative in Edmond, I was a little afraid. I told Mari not to let me spend more than $800. (Yes, that’s a ridiculous budget.) EVERYTHING was sooooooo cute, and it all looked so expensive.

Spruced Cooperative in Edmond Dresses

But upon further inspection, everything was so reasonably priced that I knew I’d easily keep to that budget. (To be fair, I came in way, way under that budget.)

Spruced Cooperative in Edmond Jewelry

However, I had a momentary bit of panic. One of the big issues I run into with smaller stores and boutique shops is the very limited range of sizes they offer. In fact, there are several local clothing stores that I’ve gone into once, only to find that they offer nothing larger than a medium or a size 8.

Naturally, I don’t return to those shops.

But Spruced Cooperative in Edmond is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PRAISE THE LORD. Not only do they offer extended sizes in a lot of their clothing, but so much of their clothing is made of very relaxed and drapey fabrics that fit a wide range of body types. It was so easy to find items that not only fit me, but that I was absolutely in love with.

Spruced Cooperative in Edmond Paint

I wound up purchasing 2 dresses and a kimono-style wrap. Oh, and a cute sign and an adorable notebook.

While Allison is a business bad ass in her own right (remember her amazing blogging e-course?), it’s great to see women-owned businesses making their mark. With their unique concept and wide range of services, I can easily see Spruced Cooperative becoming a go-to shop for a lot of local shoppers.

Spruced Cooperative in Edmond is located on 610 S. Kelly Avenue, and their having their grand opening this weekend. If you’re in the market for a cute outfit, some fun home decor, a new haircut, or you just want to sign up for a painting class, I can’t recommend the store enough.

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And if you happen to make it down to Spruced Cooperative in Edmond, tell them Marisa sent you!

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