Writer, Tarot Reader,
Curse Word Aficionado

I’m Marisa.

When I was in the second grade, I decided I was going to be a writer after reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8. And even though I went to school for writing, I still don’t fully understand how commas work. (I also don’t care.)

I’m the kind of tarot reader who wants to tell you exactly which fictional character embodies the card I’ve just pulled. Every spread is a story.

I live in Oklahoma City with a Chris (good dude with a beard) and a Rosie (bad dog with a heart of gold). 

Marisa Mohi in a field, wearing a yellow, floral dress.

The official stats:

  • Averages 4 cups of coffee a day.
  • Got third place in the Mayor’s essay contest in the second grade.
  • Ready to lord her knowledge of Arthurian lore over you at any given moment.
  • Cannot pronounce the long I sound due to a bad case of the Oklahoma accent.
  • Uses daydreaming in her career more than all the stuff she had to learn in geometry and chemistry.

Guess what I like?

📚 Stories: I love reading, writing, and watching stories. Give me plot twists and double crosses. I am absolute trash for tropes. Sharing details out of chronological order? Hells yeah. Let’s retcon some shit.

🏋🏽‍♂️ Weightlifting: I’ve been weightlifting off and on since middle school, but I got really into it during the pandemic. There’s even a squat rack in my garage. I may or may not refer to this activity as “doing muscles.” 

🔮 Tarot: Who doesn’t love accessing the archetypes stored in their subconscious mind to check in with their intuition? Don’t worry. They’re just mass produced cards. I’m not summoning the devil. At least, not today. 

💻 Content Creation: If you would’ve told when I was typing out every idle thought that crossed my mind for my Xanga that I’d still be doing this in my 30s, I’d think you were crazy. (But I’d also be so happy.)

☕️ Mornings: Sunrises. Coffee. Quiet little chirping birds. Complete solitude while everyone else sleeps. Anyone can stay up late. Only true badasses wake up early.

🗓 Planning: I used to be a train wreck. Now I’m one of those annoying Type-A personality people. Check out the planners I’ve designed here.

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