The Afternoon Writing Retreat: How to Create a Retreat in the Middle of the Day

Feminine hands typing on a MacBook Pro with the text "The Afternoon Writing Retreat"

Sometimes you can’t get away to a cabin in the woods or your fav Airbnb. That’s when you need an afternoon writing retreat! Original photo by LinkedIn Sales Navigator  When you can’t get away, but you really need a writing retreat to get you focused on your project, there’s always the afternoon writing retreat. Instead […]

How to Create a Free Writing Retreat

How to Create a Free Writing Retreat | Looking for a way to get some writing done but can't afford to rent a cabin in the woods? Check out my tips for creating a free writing retreat!

Need to make progress on your writing projects but can’t afford a retreat? Then let’s talk about how to create a free writing retreat. Original photo by Kristin Ellis  Now, I won’t say that you don’t regularly need a real retreat. You know, one where you get away and do the writing. I love those, […]