Bullet Journal Project Management

Bullet Journal Project Management | I've been looking for ways to organize my thoughts, and I've come up with a few bullet journal project management spreads that make it super easy to focus on the next task at hand.

I think I’m cozying up to the bullet journal, and the thing that’s changing the game for me are my bullet journal project management spreads. I like having my plans and project plans all in one place. And it’s nice that I can just mark pages with washi tape and always have access to them. […]

Bullet Journal Pages and How They Evolve

Bullet Journal Pages and How They Evolve | Today I'm sharing my bullet journal pages and how they have evolved since I started using the bullet journal system in June. These bullet journal pages are what has worked for me so far.

I’ve officially been using a bullet journal for 2 months now, and I gotta say there is no consistency to my bullet journal pages. They keep changing and evolving as I figure out what I need. I knew I wasn’t going to have one of those bullet journals that people looked to for inspiration. That’s […]

Bullet Journal Ideas: Why I’m Switching and What I Think It Will Accomplish

Bullet Journal Ideas | These bullet journal ideas are how I plan to reclaim a sense of calm and work smarter, not harder.

ALERT THE PRESS! I’m sharing all my bullet journal ideas today in an effort to simplify my life and switch into a planner that stops my manic overworking tendencies. NOTE:¬†This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products. Y’all. I’m tired. So […]