Spoiler Alert: Making Life Changes Hurts

Making Life Changes Hurts | Leveling up and wondering why making life changes hurts? It's because you're getting out of your comfort zone! Click through to read more about why making life changes hurts.

Well. We’re more than halfway through the year and making life changes hurts. I’ve been going after these 2019 goals and I’m happy with the progress. But damn. I’m worn slick. Original photo by Pineapple Supply Co.  I think this is something we don’t talk about enough. Making life changes hurts. Getting better takes a […]

Your Comfort Zone is Uncomfortable

Counterintuitively, your comfort zone is uncomfortable. I know this sounds odd, but please hear me out. I have 33.5 years of experience and several pieces of evidence that I’d like to lay out for you now. Original photo by Roberto Nickson  It seems odd that we’d call something a comfort zone if it were uncomfortable. […]