8 Fairytale Retellings for People Who Don’t Care Much for Disney

a woman in a green dress holding a golden-lit lantern with the text "8 Fairytale Retellings for People Who Don't Care Much for Disney"

HOW IS THAT FOR A MOTHER FLIPPIN’ TITLE? Here’s the thing. I love fairytale retellings. But guess what? I’m not super into the Disney versions of the stories. NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products. I know, I know. Can […]

The Real Beauty and the Beast Controversy!

Last Friday, I went to see Beauty and the Beast with my mom. We enjoyed it, but I was surprised that I didn’t hear about the real Beauty and the Beast controversy on the news. (Side note: James Dickson has some super great posts on his blog breaking down the story elements in the new […]