What is a Good New Year’s Resolution?

a hand holding a lit sparkler against a black backdrop with the text "what is a good new year's resolution?"

It’s that time of year, which is to say, the end. So I want to talk about what makes a good New Year’s resolution, because if I have to read one more blog post with the “hot take” that New Year’s resolutions are stupid and not worth your time, I’ll scream. Yeah. Some New Year’s […]

How to Set Creative Goals for the New Year in These Unprecedented Times

A clipboard with a piece of paper on it that says 2021 with the text "how to set creative goals for the new year in these unprecedented times"

Did you know that there’s less than a month left in 2020? Let’s talk about how to set creative goals for the new year. NOTE:¬†This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products. Yes, I know that when the clock strikes midnight […]

3 Things You MUST Do to Grow Your Creative Business (And a Special Offer!)

a messy desk with colorful supplies and the text "3 things you must do to grow your creatibe business"

It’s not easy to grow your creative business in the middle of a pandemic. And you know what? When that pandemic takes away your freelance income, it gets harder. This has been a year of shifting, and I am much stronger and better equipped to deal with the ups and downs of entrepreneurship because of […]