How to Get Motivated to Write: 7 Tips to Keep Your Fingers on the Keyboard

A bright office with a laptop on a desk next to a stack of books and some candles with the text "how to get motivated to write"

Writing takes some serious momentum to keep moving, but what happens when you’re not feeling it? You need to know how to get motivated to write. Original photo by Sincerely Media  Now, I’m not saying you’ll always be inspired. The muse don’t always show up. And you don’t always love what you’re writing. In fact, […]

How to Find Your Writing Voice: 11 Tips to Make Your Writing Voice Your Own

How to Find Your Writing Voice | Wondering how to find your writing voice? These 11 tips will help you find your writing voice and improve your writing style.

One of the hardest things about finding where you belong in the publishing world is figuring out how to find your writing voice. I’m sharing 11 tips that will help you separate yourself from the rest of the writerly pack. Original photo by Yusuf Evli  Knowing how to find your writing voice is the first […]