How to Create an Editorial Calendar

How to Create an Editorial Calendar

If I could go back in time to when I started this here blog, I would tell myself how to create an editorial calendar. Because honestly, it’s fundamentally changed the way I work. Original photo by Alex Jones¬† Y’all know I love planners, I’m just so surprised it took me so long to love planning […]

Letter Board Quotes: Motivation for the Delightfully Unobliged

After moving into my new place, I knew I wanted to decorate my new home in the nerdiest way possible. But I also wanted it to look like the home of someone with a hella famous Instagram account — even if I don’t have the budget to decorate that way. The solution was clear. I […]

This Super Simple Phone Hack Will Save Your Sanity

When it comes to productivity, the four horsemen of my getting work done apocalypse are text messages, Twitter, Instagram, and emails. Obviously, I needed a super simple phone hack to save my sanity. If I want to #tellstories, I want to sit there and #tellstories. If I want to grade papers, I want to sit […]