Self-Care Mornings

Self-Care Mornings

Waking up is hard to do, and that’s why I’ve been contemplating my self-care mornings lately. I can’t say that I’ve found the secret to life, but I might know a thing or two about how to get up on the right side of the bed. NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a […]

Ideal Morning Routine

I’ve always been a morning person, but I’ve never had an ideal morning routine. THAT CHANGES THIS YEAR, FRIENDS.  NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products. Original photo byNathan Dumlao While I don’t consider myself a productivity guru by any […]

5 Steps to a Better Night Time Routine

I’ve written before about how to be a morning person, and Kieran shared with you how to kick start your morning. But there’s one crucial thing to being a morning person, and that’s having a night time routine. I’m fanatical about routines, and I absolutely love habits. I think rom coms tend to make people […]

Guest Post: Kick Start Your Morning in 2017

Kieran contacted me after reading How to Be a Morning Person, and offered to write this guest post about how to kick start your morning in 2017. A big thanks to Kieran, and may we all have very productive mornings in 2017! 2017 is fast approaching and it’s the perfect time to kick start your […]

10 Ways to Make Time for Writing Even If You Think You’re Too Busy

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a writer in possession of an idea must be in want of some time to write. But let’s be real. The hardest thing about writing is figuring out how to make time for writing. In undergrad, I majored in creative writing. One of my best friends at the time […]

How to Be a Morning Person

It’s no secret I’m a morning person. If you’ve ever sent me a text after 9 PM, then it was probably clear to you that I’m a morning person when I responded before 6 AM the next day. I also really enjoy going to bed early, all curled up with a book. For me, early to […]