The Productivity Plan: How to Make Time for All the Things

The Productivity Plan: How to Make Time for All the Things | Looking for a way to do all the things? You need my productivity plan to keep you on track.

I have a productivity plan, y’all. It’s taken me years to make it, and it has really saved my sanity more than once, especially since I have a tendency to do all the things. Original photo by Renáta-Adrienn  I have never had a healthy relationship with work. And I’m pretty sure that I became obsessed […]

2019 Bullet Journal Traveler’s Notebook Set Up

2019 Bullet Journal Traveler's Notebook Set Up | To help me slow down and still remain productive, I'm using a bullet journal traveler's notebook for 2019.

The New Year is a sacred holiday because it’s a time of new planners. With that in mind, I am happy to share my 2019 bullet journal traveler’s notebook set up. NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products. (Are you […]

The Perfect Planner for 2019

The Perfect Planner for 2019 | As 2018 comes to a close, it's time to pick the perfect planner for 2019.

I have been waiting for this moment since June. It’s time to pick the perfect planner for 2019. (I’m not kidding about June. Like, if you scroll through my Twitter history, you’ll definitely see a distraught Marisa back in June obsessing over what planner she should use in 2019.) NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate […]

Planners for Artists: Tools to Help You Track Your Productivity

There are tons of planners for artists out there. But if you’re the type to just run to the nearest office supply store, you definitely won’t find them. (Nothing against standard office supply stores. It’s just that there are some amazing planner companies out there, and they make products that lend themselves to that day […]

Remember the Bad Stuff

It’s easy to gloss over the things we don’t want to remember. But I want to encourage you to remember the bad stuff. The lowlights, the rejections, the missed opportunities — remember all of them. Original photo byAnnie Spratt This may seem really negative. Like, right now, you’re probably all like, “But Marisa, why? I’ve […]

Planning Bad Habits

It’s no secret that I love my planner. But did you know that I have a lot of planning bad habits? I do. And today I’m going to share them with you. Original photo bySTILI think it’s important to note that I don’t have these bad habits because I dislike planning. In fact, I love […]