Bullet Journal Project Management

I think I’m cozying up to the bullet journal, and the thing that’s changing the game for me are my bullet journal project management spreads. I like having my plans and project plans all in one place. And it’s nice that I can just mark pages with washi tape and always have access to them. […]

Bullet Journal Pages and How They Evolve

I’ve officially been using a bullet journal for 2 months now, and I gotta say there is no consistency to my bullet journal pages. They keep changing and evolving as I figure out what I need. I knew I wasn’t going to have one of those bullet journals that people looked to for inspiration. That’s […]

Bullet Journal Ideas: Why I’m Switching and What I Think It Will Accomplish

ALERT THE PRESS! I’m sharing all my bullet journal ideas today in an effort to simplify my life and switch into a planner that stops my manic overworking tendencies. NOTE: This post contains affiliate links. Affiliate links provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products. Y’all. I’m tired. So […]

The Importance of Goal Setting in Your Planner

You know that scene in Back to the Future where Doc shows up on Marty’s porch to tell him about his future? This post is like that, only I’m going to be talking about the importance of goal setting in your planner. Original photo by STIL  So that was a weird intro, but I’m a […]

The Productivity Plan: How to Make Time for All the Things

I have a productivity plan, y’all. It’s taken me years to make it, and it has really saved my sanity more than once, especially since I have a tendency to do all the things. Original photo by Renáta-Adrienn  I have never had a healthy relationship with work. And I’m pretty sure that I became obsessed […]

Planners for Artists: Tools to Help You Track Your Productivity

There are tons of planners for artists out there. But if you’re the type to just run to the nearest office supply store, you definitely won’t find them. (Nothing against standard office supply stores. It’s just that there are some amazing planner companies out there, and they make products that lend themselves to that day […]