Productive Writing: Time Blocking and Task Batching

a light wood deskt with plants and a macbook against a white wall with the text "Productive Writing: Time Blocking and Task Batching"

One thing I miss about being a 21-year-old writer is the really lazy way I approached work. I crawled into bed with my heavy-ass laptop (they were so heavy back in the day) and just sat under the covers writing what I assumed was a brilliant novel. Now, your girl is all about productive writing, […]

Productive Downtime Activities

To stop from mindlessly scrolling through my phone when I’m not busy, I look for productive downtime activities that actually rejuvenate me. If I use time off to regenerate instead of zoning out, it becomes a lot easier for me to do good work when it’s time to. Original photo by Nathan DumlaoI won’t lie […]

Planning Bad Habits

It’s no secret that I love my planner. But did you know that I have a lot of planning bad habits? I do. And today I’m going to share them with you. Original photo bySTILI think it’s important to note that I don’t have these bad habits because I dislike planning. In fact, I love […]