The Productivity Plan: How to Make Time for All the Things

The Productivity Plan: How to Make Time for All the Things | Looking for a way to do all the things? You need my productivity plan to keep you on track.

I have a productivity plan, y’all. It’s taken me years to make it, and it has really saved my sanity more than once, especially since I have a tendency to do all the things. Original photo by Renáta-Adrienn  I have never had a healthy relationship with work. And I’m pretty sure that I became obsessed […]

Planning Bad Habits

It’s no secret that I love my planner. But did you know that I have a lot of planning bad habits? I do. And today I’m going to share them with you. Original photo bySTILI think it’s important to note that I don’t have these bad habits because I dislike planning. In fact, I love […]

Why You Should Track Your Time

Why You Should Track Your Time

I’m no productivity guru, but I want to tell you why you should track your time. When you track your time, you find where you’re wasting minutes and what you can cut out of your day. Original photo by Georgia de Lotz I’ve written before about how busy is a choice, and I staunchly believe […]

How to Maximize Your Weekend

Do you feel like you need days off between Sunday and the start of the work week? Sounds like you need to maximize your weekend. Original photo byMark Cruz It’s really easy for the weekend to get away from you. You want to be productive, but you want to relax and maybe binge some Netflix. […]

Create Space to Breathe: 4 Tips to Help You Fight Overwhelm

When the things that need to be done start to pile up, I know I need to create space to breathe. We’re smack dab in the middle of grading season. Or, more accurately, procrastinating grading season. (Every day I manage to tell my students they shouldn’t procrastinate with a straight face. I have no business […]