Self-Care Sleep Habits

Self-Care Sleep Habits

The older I get, the more important sleep becomes. And while I don’t subscribe to any spiritual philosophy, these self-care sleep habits are basically my religion. Original photo by Tracey Hocking¬† I have a lot of recently-formed opinions about sleep. When I was younger, I could fall asleep anywhere, any time. In fact, I did […]

5 Steps to a Better Night Time Routine

I’ve written before about how to be a morning person, and Kieran shared with you how to kick start your morning. But there’s one crucial thing to being a morning person, and that’s having a night time routine. I’m fanatical about routines, and I absolutely love habits. I think rom coms tend to make people […]

Guest Post: Kick Start Your Morning in 2017

Kieran contacted me after reading How to Be a Morning Person, and offered to write this guest post about how to kick start your morning in 2017. A big thanks to Kieran, and may we all have very productive mornings in 2017! 2017 is fast approaching and it’s the perfect time to kick start your […]