Affordable Writer’s Retreats 2019

Affordable Writer's Retreats | Writer's retreats are great for getting some work done without distractions. This list of affordable writer's retreats for 2019 won't break the bank!

Last year I wrote about my first solo writer’s retreat, and since then, I’ve been planning another. Today I’m sharing a list of affordable writer’s retreats for 2019. The thing about a good writer’s retreat is that it can be insanely productive in a number of ways. Obviously, you have the ability to get a […]

Travel as Self-Care

Travel as Self-Care

Sure, vacations are fun, but what if I said they were necessary? Yep. Travel as self-care is the most necessary form of travel. Original photo by Rocio Ramirez  By now, I’m sure you’ve read a million blog posts about how self-care isn’t all bubble baths and face masks. And I agree 100%. That’s why I […]

Solo Writing Retreat at St. Francis of the Woods

Last month, I took a solo writing retreat at St. Francis of the Woods in Coyle, Oklahoma. I stayed in a cabin for four days with no TV or internet, and I let my brain reset while I wrote. Original photo by Annie SprattSince the retreat, I’ve had some time to think and process my […]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I wanted to start this post off with “I’m back and better than ever,” but I’m not sure that’s accurate. Instead, how about “here’s how I spent my summer vacation. Original photo by Marten BjorkWhen I scheduled my hiatus this summer, I was desperately in need of a break. And while I was glad to […]