Letter Board Quotes: Motivation for the Delightfully Unobliged

After moving into my new place, I knew I wanted to decorate my new home in the nerdiest way possible. But I also wanted it to look like the home of someone with a hella famous Instagram account — even if I don’t have the budget to decorate that way. The solution was clear. I […]

The Transformational Practice of Singing Out Loud

Singing out loud is my favorite. I’ve always been a singer. Regardless of how others feel about my singing, singing out loud is what I do. Hell, when I was in elementary school, I wanted nothing more than to be a Broadway singer. My parents didn’t encourage that dream, maybe envisioning the crazy success I’d […]

Constructive Summer: From Zen to Jacked Up in 2:53

I’ve been bragging a lot lately about how zen I’ve been feeling. For a person who has spent the majority of her life biting her nails in an anxiety-fueled frenzy, this is a very nice (and incredibly welcome) change of pace. I’m not entirely sure why I feel so calm at peace with life. There […]