Why You Should Track Your Time

Why You Should Track Your Time

I’m no productivity guru, but I want to tell you why you should track your time. When you track your time, you find where you’re wasting minutes and what you can cut out of your day. Original photo by Georgia de Lotz I’ve written before about how busy is a choice, and I staunchly believe […]

Marathon Mindset: Embracing Life’s Slow Burn

Recently I caught myself getting really mad about how long things take. Generally, I’m a pretty patient person. Even though I would like instant¬†validation, I don’t expect it. And that’s because there’s a long road ahead of me. I embrace the time it takes for things to happen because that’s the marathon mindset. I’ve written […]

Create Space to Breathe: 4 Tips to Help You Fight Overwhelm

When the things that need to be done start to pile up, I know I need to create space to breathe. We’re smack dab in the middle of grading season. Or, more accurately, procrastinating grading season. (Every day I manage to tell my students they shouldn’t procrastinate with a straight face. I have no business […]