7 Ways to Practice Writing (Even If You Don’t Think You Need To)

7 Ways to Practice Writing (Even If You Don't Think You Need To) | Looking for ways to practice writing? These seven tips for practicing writing will help you write faster and create better stories.

The only way to get better as a writer is to practice. But do you know the ways to practice writing? Original photo by Rucksack Magazine  Sure, you get better the more you write, but that’s a long con for sure. If you want to improve in quick and measurable ways, you need a plan. […]

Daily Writing Practice

Daily Writing Practice | If you're looking to build a daily writing practice, here are five ways you can write daily.

Writing is definitely hard, and it’s something that you need to practice as much as possible if you want to make a career out of it. If you’re looking for a daily writing practice that will keep your habits sharp, but don’t really want to work on your novel every single day, I’ve got some […]