Tarot Card Meanings Journal: A Guided Journal for Learning How to Read Tarot Cards


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Tarot Card Meanings Journal Cover Image

Tarot Card Meanings Journal is a resource for new and old tarot readers alike. Whether you’ve just purchased your first deck or you want a place to write down everything you know about your cards, Tarot Card Meanings Journal has something for everyone.

This journal is designed as a resource for those who would like to study the tarot as well as what their intuition tells them about the cards. There is a place to analyze the imagery of the card, how a tarot reader’s deck may differ from more traditional decks, and the traditional meaning of the card. Additionally, there’s a full page dedicated to each card so tarot readers can journal about what their intuition tells them about the card.

This is not a traditional guidebook or reference manual. This is a resource for those who want to dive further into their own intuition.