Sometimes you’ve got to make a decision, and the answer isn’t readily apparent. A tarot spread for two choices can help you see all the aspects of the choice you need to consider.

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Now, I’m not saying you should leave all your big life decisions up to the tarot. You should definitely think things through and be aware of all the consequences of your choices. But pulling a tarot card could help you put the choice into perspective.

There is no decision making tarot spread free of your own free will, so don’t worry about the tarot pushing you in a direction you don’t like. Remember, it’s a deck of mass-produced cards, not a prophecy.

Knowing how tarot works can help you realize that the cards are just showing you what’s already in your subconscious. And any ideas you get about the choices you’re making from the cards are really just things your brain wants you to consider.

Reading your own tarot is fun and easy, and there are tons of tarot spreads you can create to help you make a choice.

Ideas for a Tarot Spread for Two Choices

Whether you want an either or tarot spread, or a tarot pathways spread that walks you through all the possible implications of your choice, there are tons of options for ways to use the tarot in your decision making.

Before we get into the spreads, there are two posts I want to highlight:

Now, as I explain in each post, there are no bad or good cards. But, pulling one of them in the context of a choice may be something to think about.

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With that out of the way, here are some tarot spreads for two choices.

001: Pull a card for each choice.

This is a pretty simple and straightforward way to use the tarot when you have two choices. Simply pull a card to represent each choice.

You can also pull clarifying cards, or cards that will represent the outcome or consequences of each choice as well. It all depends on how many cards you want to pull.

Additional cards to pull after pulling a card for each choice would be a card for the overall advice you should take, what you are being called to pay attention to in this choice, and what are you missing when you are thinking about this choice.

You don’t have to make a decision directly after pulling a card. Instead, think about the card meanings and how you feel about them in the context of the spread until you feel comfortable making a decision.

002:  Shuffle the cards and pull a card from each end of the deck.

One of my favorite ways to use the tarot is by doing full deck spreads. To do this, shuffle the deck and spread out the cards facedown on a table.

Then, flip over the first and last cards. Each card will represent one of your choices.

As with the previous spread, you can flip over more cards to clarify the cards you’ve pulled. You can do this by flipping the cards at the extreme ends, or pulling cards from the middle if you’d like. It’s completely up to you.

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003: Pull a card for the ideal outcome.

Sometimes we focus so much on the options that we don’t always think about what we’d like out of the choice. So, instead of pulling cards to represent the choices, this spread focuses on what you want out of the choice.

Simply pull a card to represent the ideal outcome. Feel free to pull as many clarifying cards as you’d like. Knowing what you really want out of the decision can help you better make a choice.

004: Pull a card for what you need to know about the decision.

Sometimes we get stuck in making a decision because we don’t feel we have all the information. So, instead of focusing on the choice, pull cards to give you more information about the decision itself.

This can help give you some context and make it easier for you to make the choice. Consider asking what more you can know about the choice, what you should be paying attention to, what you are missing when you think about the choice, and so on.

Again, the cards will just show you static images that trigger something in your subconscious mind. So, whatever you get from the cards by asking these questions can help you better think about what your brain is already thinking.

005: Create a Robert Frost spread.

One of my favorite ways to use the tarot is with poetry. If there’s a poem that resonates with you, or seems symbolic of a situation you’re in, it can be a great way to pull cards.

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So, for a tarot spread for two choices, you can use Robert Frost’s “The Road Not Taken” as a backbone for the spread. Since this is a poem about choosing between two paths, you can pull lines from the poem and pull cards for those lines. Here are some lines I would use if I were doing this spread:

Of course, if you have a choice that is better represented by another poem use that!

Do You Use the Tarot to Make Choices?

Have you ever done a tarot spread for two choices? How do you pull cards when you have a tough decision in front of you? Do you also like to use poetry with the tarot?

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  1. Hi Marisa, nice article. I had a question. How do I find out the road less travelled in the original 2 options with the ‘I took the one less traveled by’ card?

    1. So, it’s all up to your interpretation of what the cards mean. The road less traveled card you pull is there to help you get a sense of which of the two options you laid out initially is the “less traveled” option. So take a look at the two original cards and what they mean in the context of your two choices. Then, when you pull the less traveled card, see if the meaning of that card aligns with any aspect of either of your two choices.

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