Back in February, Anne Bogel held a link up about things that were saving our lives right now. Since I’ve hit a pretty busy/stressful/burnt out patch, I thought I would revisit this idea so I can count up the things that I’m seriously grateful for. So, without further ado, these are the things that are saving my life right now.

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Pretty glad this little girl wandered up that day 3 years ago. #RosiePuppins #tellstories #dogsofinstagram

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Rosie Puppins

I seriously love this dog. She’s a very smelly goober, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Since my job training is conducted through WebEx, I’ve been at home with her all day, every day. It’s been messing with her head a little, and she doesn’t understand why I don’t put her in the crate and leave. But she’s definitely enjoyed the extra time she gets to sleep on the couch or bark at bunnies int he backyard.

It’s not all good stuff though. The other day, I thought I heard her violently choking in the living room. So I ripped off my headphones and sprinted in from my office to save my poor little baby. Only she wasn’t choking. She was sleeping, and her snores were just that aggressive.

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These are basic ingredients to make a Marisa. #tellstories • • • #thehappynow #myunicornlife #photosinbetween #theeverygirl

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Black Coffee

Always black coffee. Forever and ever. I get up in the morning so I can drink coffee. I love it, and I love that since I’m working from home, I can refill as many times as I want without ever having to consume a cup of janky office coffee pot sludge.

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The road goes ever on and on, down from the door where it began…

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Hobbit Foot Slippers

While I technically have to dress in business casual to do my training WebEx meetings, I refuse to put on shoes. And since it has been a little coolish these past couple of weeks, my slippers have made an appearance. Chris got me these a few years ago for Christmas, and I feel like I could walk all the way to Mordor in them.

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Sometimes you just need a glass of milk.

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Whole Milk

I usually buy a gallon of whole milk to make my breakfast smoothies, but I rarely drink it plain. Well, the other day I poured myself a Guinness glass of whole milk and it was a nearly religious experience. Milk is really good, and I’m pissed off I’ve wasted so much of my life either drinking skim milk or not drinking milk at all.

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The long wait for a table…

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Spending Time with Cool Ladies

Tomorrow night I have plans to get a mani-pedis with three women, and then we’re heading straight to The Mont for drinks and dinner. Then, on Saturday, I have a happy hour drinks and appetizers date with Katie. Oh, and we’re going to The Mont too. How did I get so lucky to go to The Mont two nights in a row? (I totally planned that out. That’s how.) Then, Tuesday evening, I’m totally going to have queso with Elizabeth.

And now, it’s time to announce the winner of the Eastside Design Co. enamel pin giveaway!

Eastside Design Co. enamel pins

Congrats to Laurie Kauffman! Check your email and let me know where to ship your goods.

And if you didn’t win, you can totally pick up these three pins (or tons of cool shirts) from Eastside Design Co’s online shop, or come say hey at the shop during June’s 2nd Friday Art Walk. I’ll be there helping out, and by that I mean I’ll be eating tons of cheesy and deep fried goodies from food trucks down the street.

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