things that have made me cry lately

When I was a kid, I used to get in trouble for crying. Now, I kind of just do it all the time. Periodically, I share what made me cry lately so we can commiserate together like a great big bawly mess.

This StoryCorps story:

“I have been talking to you for years, but you heard me today.”

Full disclosure: I can’t even see a picture of Mr. Rogers on social media without crying these days. And this StoryCorps story made me cry, but if I’m being honest, you’d be hard-pressed to find a StoryCorps story that hasn’t made me cry.

I heard this song on the radio on my way to the grocery store, and it made me think a lot of things.

Things like, remember in the first Fast and the Furious movie where Vin Diesel’s character says “I live my life one quarter mile at a time” only you think maybe that’s how Paul Walker really lived his life?

I genuinely enjoy these movies for what they are — which is a good time and fun story where good guys do what they were born to do. Sure, for the majority of the franchise, all these characters are international criminals, but they still have hearts of gold. And at any given point, I can turn to Chris and say let’s watch a Fast and the Furious movie, and then we’ll argue about which one. (I prefer 1, 2, 5, and 7, but Chris is a Tokyo Drift guy.) Then, we’ll sit there and watch it, and laugh when there’s a line that a character says that doesn’t make sense, but I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t cry at some point in almost every movie.

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(I have a lot of feelings wrapped up in the Fast and Furious movie franchise. When they’re unpacked, I’ll let you know.)

This commercial made me cry while I was watching TV at my parents’ house, though I totally held it together.

It starts at around the 45-second mark of the video in the link. (I recommend fast forwarding to that point, unless you want hear some weird dude talk about music.) I have mixed feelings about those Values ads and Pass It On billboards, mainly because I don’t want to know how much money people are spending to tell me how to live my life when it’s all stuff that we should have kind of written into our genetic makeup. Like, we’re part of society. So, we have to be good people.

Admittedly, my tears did dry up as soon as I realized that I think they’re trying to say that the girl in the commercial married the guy who bought her concert tickets when she was 16. I know some people really like the idea of a high school sweetheart, but it kind of makes me want to barf.

This blog post:

I want to melt into the burgundy carpet.  Back to school shopping brings awareness of my shape and form. I am round and soft and curved. My body is one more way that I am different than the other girls my age.

I’m positive this is a more common experience than the writer knew, and it made me think of trying on clothes at Anthony’s in Edmond, or the Sear’s in Quail Springs Mall, and having to go over to the “Pretty Plus” section where all the clothes had terrible, obtrusive elastic waist bands.

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This dog’s story:

Luna the dog

I cried about this mainly in a good way, but also in a sad way. Like, if Rosie were in the same predicament, I don’t think she would survive, and that makes me so sad. But, I also have zero intentions of taking my little pit bull-beagle-boxer out on a boat.

So,that’s what has made me cry lately. What have you been crying about lately?

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  1. Sometimes you just need to cry. I could be a professional mourner, as it is that easy for me to tear up. I just have to hear the music from Steel Magnolias and I’m done for. (Or Terms of Endearment, Lassie, Gone With the Wind, etc). Or a Hallmark commercial.

  2. I heard that StoryCorps on the radio the other day and was a blubbering mess in the car.

    Today I was at my son’s school and walked by the principal’s office. The door was closed but everyone in the office could hear some dad laying into a kid that had gotten in trouble. Even though I’m sure the kid was being a total shit and deserved it, I got so choked up. Listening to that dad and his frustration…I wanted to run in there and hug that kid and tell him that he is loved and he doesn’t have to be such a dumb ass all the time.

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