things that have made me cry lately

When I was a kid, I used to get in trouble for crying. Now, I kind of just do it all the time. Periodically, I share what made me cry lately so we can commiserate together like a great big bawly mess.


This blog post from Epbot:

I can choose to write everything down, and remember this feeling isn’t forever.


I write these things to remind myself, because I need reminding pretty often.

Preach, Jen. Preach.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard all about Severus Snap and the Marauders:

If you have 30 minutes, you need to watch it. This is the prequel we deserve, not that Fantastic Beasts nonsense. (Though I will totally go to the theater to see Fantastic Beasts.) The more I re-watch and re-read Harry Potter, the less I like Gryffindors in general, and the more I wish we got a book all about Snape. And this short film (though not precisely canon, but is canon enough for me — some day I should do a post about my immeasurable ambivalence toward fan fiction) made me cry so hard because GRYFFINDORS ARE THE LITERAL WORST AND JAMES POTTER WAS BASICALLY A WIZARD BIFF TANNEN.

(Side note: I have divided the presidential candidates into their respective Hogwarts houses. Bernie is a Hufflepuff (duh), Hillary is a Slytherin (cunning and ambitious!), Trump is a Gryffindor (YOU KNOW I’M RIGHT ABOUT THIS — anyone who thinks they can defy rules for their own self-righteous reasons is a Gryffindor in my book), and Ted Cruz is a squib.)

This tweet:


When I did my taxes. I mean, I knew I owed money, but damn. Also, I did the taxes. I put all the information where it goes. So why does Turbo Tax get to charge me for it? Yeah, I know I used their software, but that would be like paying Facebook to allow you to post random political garbage. IT’S THE ONLY PLACE FOR IT.

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This blog post from Tsh at Art of Simple:

Those special things we have? It’s special alone to even have them. We’re doing right by them to use them well. Let’s acknowledge the privilege of saving for special—because it really is.


Let’s better enjoy the little things in life. And let’s make them even more special by using up the good stuff. Don’t wait for that perfect moment—it’s already right here.

This was a good reminder when I needed it. I may not be exactly where I want to be, but I should be enjoying where I am.


This New York Times Magazine piece about Kristi Yamaguchi by Nicole Chung:

It had never occurred to me that a girl could be nationally adored without being white. It had never occurred to me that Asian-American heroes might exist.

While I wasn’t a huge ice skating fan (I somehow had a Nancy Kerrigan autograph — not sure where from though), I definitely grew up as the lone brown girl in a sea of white faces. I get what it’s like to not fit in, and to not have any heroes that look like you. And I totally never expect to get the Persian Mexican heroine of my dreams, but it’s interesting to note that all people of color seem to have this universal experience of the subconscious understanding that we cannot be heroes.

Nicole talks about writing stories as a kid and how all her characters were blonde with blue eyes until she realized she could make a character that looked like her. I kind of did the same thing too…UNTIL AFTER GRAD SCHOOL.

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So,that’s what has made me cry. What have you been crying about lately?

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