things that have made me cry lately

When I was a kid, I used to get in trouble for crying. Now, I kind of just do it all the time. Periodically, I share what made me cry lately so we can commiserate together like a great big bawly mess.

This video:

I remember reading Love You Forever as a kid. Even when I was little, the story meant a lot to me and made me cry. But reading this HuffPo piece about the origins of the story just killed me.

I’m a relatively new reader of the Freckled Fox blog, and I love the posts Emily shares about her family. Unfortunately, she shared the worst possible news about her husband this week:

Our main doctor sat on the bed beside me as I looked at Martin’s scans and tried to understand what she was saying to us. Some of the charts were just big blurry masses where we should have been able to see his different organs, and she was explaining how the disease was moving so quickly and completely taking over. I could feel my heart getting heavier with every word of her explanation. Then she took a deep breath and said those words so apologetically, “I mean we’re talking a few weeks here, maybe.”
I can’t even explain what that felt like. All I know is that I was holding his warm hand, and I saw our five little babies in my mind, and I knew that no matter what happened to Marty that we would all be together. That our family was forever, and that everything would be OK, no matter what.

I can’t imagine being in her position, and keeping such a brave face, and I’m thinking good thoughts for her family. If you’d like to help them pay for some of the medical costs, you can donate here.

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I debated about whether or not I should post this, because it’s technically a spoiler. But I’m not sure how a person could be on the internet since the air date of this episode and not see this scene from Game of Thrones:

Ugh. That look on Bran’s face when he realizes why Hodor is Hodor.

What about you? Why have you been crying lately?

4 Responses

  1. Oh god, not the Hodor thing again! *gets teary eyed*
    I don’t even watch GOT, and now I can’t because that scene
    breaks my heart.

    Anyway, this post is right on time because I had a crying
    session this morning. I won’t go into it, but it’s about a guy and love
    and what might have been. Hurts my heart, but still gotta adult.

    What has really been getting me going is the Fact that we FINALLY
    have a woman Presidental nominee! I want to alternately cry and run around screaming.
    I’m not emotionally ready to think about if she actually WINS.

  2. Hodor. That scene is like the Breaking Bad finale where I can’t listen to that Badfinger song without thinking of Walter White and my heart breaks for the bittersweet symphony of it all.

  3. Oh Hodor. That scene killed me and I couldn’t stop thinking about it all week. I think it was the saddest thing I’ve ever seen on the show.

    That story about I Love You Forever! Oh my word. I’m getting all choked up just thinking about it.

    Lately, I’ve been listening to the Tangled soundtrack (because it’s my goal in life to have every Disney movie soundtrack memorized) and the song I See The Light just kills me.

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